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02-19-2008, 10:25 PM
Swap Due Date - Jan 20
Signup/withdraw date - Jan 10/Dec 30
Number of Cards - 7 for 7
Number of participants -Max 15

4" x 4" African Wildlife Chunky Book Swap

You must have a positive I-trader rating of +12 to play!
**You can withdraw until December 30 and sign up until Jan. 10. If you choose to withdraw after that date you will receive a neutral i-trader rating due to the fact everyone is counting on you and making enough pages for everyone.

This swap is for a 4"x4" chunky book. The chunky book's theme is "African Wildlife" -- they can be realistic, funky, whimsical, you name it! This is an OPEN MEDIA chunky book - so work in what you are comfortable with. I ask that everyone do their ***best work***--please create pages that you would like others to receive and that you are proud of.

In a traditional chunky book, each player makes a page for each other player. I'm going to allow up to 16 players in this chunky book swap, so then if you want a page from every player, you'll be making 15 pages (16 if you want one for yourself). I encourage most players to make 16.

Please create your pages double sided so that when they are in a book, they look nice on both front and back. Also, please use a thicker paper or light board for the pages themselves--I want them to be at least somewhat sturdy. I'll be using 140 lb watercolor paper on mine, at the minimum.

Remember these pages are going to be in a BOOK or hung. That means that 1.5" of stuff or more on the TOP of pages is not going to work out well. Please leave 1/2 inch free of writing and thick embellishments on the left side for binding. Some people will be hanging these so the 4 corners should be the same so the design doesn't get ruined. When we say "chunky" we mean fibers, wire, beads, tags and things dangling off of and around the pages. The pages themselves can have a little bit of embellishment, but should not be so think they aren't able to fit comfortably in a book. Ok everyone?

Please make sure your pages are not sticky...some might use decoupage to seal it...but sometimes this makes them tacky. Allow plenty of dryin time. Gel or acrylic medium works great to seal pages!

Due: The chunky book pages will be due IN MY HANDs by January 30, 2008. This gives you plenty of time to get pages done.

Shipping: Both US and International participants must pay for their own return postage on this one because of the cost involved in shipping. US participants can send well-concealed cash and/or stamps and a BUBBLE ENVELOPE to return your chunky book pages. International participants, please send American stamps if possible...I have paypal if needed. I can provide the bubble envelope for the international participants to save on their shipping here.Or you can pay for postage through Paypal--this works fine too . I'm sorry, but I cannot cover your postage.

Here are the estimated postage costs ( Adriayna took an envie with similar sized pages to the post office and asked for an estimate):
USA - $3.00 or 4.60 priority mail (too heavy for first class)
Canada - $3.00 airmail
Australia - 10.00 airmail
New Zealand: $8.00
Europe:6.30 - 7.20
You might already know the more correct amount just let me know if this is far off! Thanks

Oh and if you choose to use paypal please add an extra .75 cents to cover their fee!

Looking forward
Your name is in maroon if it's here!

1. topacelot
2. kysunflower
3. Electablue
4. binka23
5. thistle13
6. Joyflower
7. luvloz

(Thanks Schona for letting me use your format!)

I posted returns early last week...I've heard back from half of you...just haven't heard from Thistle, luvloz and Joyflower maybe...I've heard back from Electablue, kysunflower and binka...

Thanks guys for a great group and variety :D

02-20-2008, 07:52 PM
I recieved mine late last week, and each one was wodnerful, I loved them all. Thank you for hosting and thank you to everyone in our group.

02-20-2008, 08:23 PM
thanks, so glad you enjoyed...thanks for playing! :D

02-22-2008, 05:07 PM
I received mine, and posted itrader and reps before the old system went bye-bye.

Thanks everyone! They are wonderful!

02-26-2008, 12:15 AM
I got mine and I LOVE them! Thanks so much to everyone.

02-26-2008, 02:29 AM
yay, great :)

now just to hear from thistle...I don't know if she's on this site?