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06-22-2009, 10:53 AM
Have: 4 Phase 10 cards and 1 from big trouble game card(a wild) too small for ATC bases i think, a couple of cat playing cards (hello kitty i think are the ones i have without all of the cards there), All kinds of clipped images from the sunday paper and store fliers, Soda/pet can tabs, Some tissue paper pieces of different colors, and a wrinkled sheet of paper like a scrapbook sheet with baby clothes on it (i will fold and send since i don't have any envelopes big enough to try smoothing and sending), Some old newspapers (my local papers that can cut the text parts to atc size for backgrounds), Some extra stickers i have in my sticker drawer, 2 machanical pencils (i probably wont use them anyways so might as well trade them), Some wooden beads, a little back issue of an anime magazine (It's a free monthly magazine), Cereal box ATC base cutouts, Some used stamps and some random holiday seals, a box of kids white chalk(cheaper brand creative kids or someting not crayola or anything), a angel pen (kinda big, doesn't come with a top but writes fine) white with gold outlines on the feathers on the wings, a visit alberta canada dvd (new) and H&R Block Taxcut premium Federal + State full version (got it free in like 05 never used it but either would still be good for altered CDs)

1.)Comics especially forign, paper clippings or actual book all in one piece or one with a clipped image or two any condition books. As long as their not bug/rodent bitten(as happens in storage of paper stuff sometimes), faded or no cover is fine nothing too great just something usable for cards(pref. readable).
2.) Startrek images
3.)Character image clippings (like a cutout of a pokemon or blues clues character from a toy, mac and cheese, or cereal box that's not too hard for you to clip for example is fine)
4.) interesting little tidbits that can be used for ATCs like fake or old keys or some lace or ribbon with some patterens on it
5.) Pokemon monopoly peices

Note: i'll only take a few trades at a time on this as i don't want to get far behind, i shall also add to this list as i go through my stuff for the lawnsale and find stuff i wont use or have enough extra(not selling my supplies in it but going to go through everything at the same time).