View Full Version : Book Journal Guidelines-PLEASE READ

06-30-2009, 02:45 PM
Because these type of swaps require a huge, very long-term commitment of time and resources, and because it is absolutely heartbreaking when a journal goes missing (unfortunately, it happens), there are special requirements for participation in a swap of this type.

You must:
* Be an actively trading AFA member (defined as: positive iTrader across 2 swaps in the last 3 months)
* Have 3+ months in good standing (no neutrals or negative iTraders)
* Have an iTrader rating of 25+
* Be willing and able to do your very best work on a strict, inflexible time line, over a long period
* Be willing and able to complete the set number of journal pages in the themes chosen by your fellow participants depending on the journal group guidelines
* Have the cash resources necessary to ship the journals around the world using First Class or Airmail. Tracking is not mandatory, but could be suggested
* Post to the thread at least twice a month, to let the group leader know when you have received a Moley and when you send a moley out.

Additional Requirements for the Hosts:
* Have completed hosting (5) swaps before hosting a circle journal swap. This is to give our Hosts the additional experience needed to handle a swap this long in duration
* It is the Host's responsibility to get complete contact information for each member (real name, street address, mailing address if different, telephone numbers, email, etc.) And to PM this information to all members of the group.
* It is the Host's responsibility to PM members who seem to be lagging behind in posting weekly and/or completing and mailing pages. If Hosts do not keep up with the members of their swap, AFA staff will assist.
* If a player gets behind and the circle members are uncomfortable about leaving a negative iTrader, the Host shall, after notification to AFA staff of their intent, leave a negative iTrader for the delinquint player upon approval from AFA staff provided that the player:
- has not responded to PM's from the Host despite logging in at AFA
- has not posted to the thread for (2) weeks

Note: AFA members of iATCs can use their iATC stats to fulfill these requirements.

Limited sign ups for first-time participants. Individuals new to circle journals and book journal swaps at ATCsforALL.com can only sign up for one journal group initially. After the successful completion of their group, they are welcome to sign up for multiple groups but must check with a Moderator before signing up for more than three (3).

iTrader for players removed from a Moley group:
-If someone worked in a player's moley, and the player DIDN'T do theirs, they should receive a Negative until they mail pages, the rating will then be changed to a Neutral.
-If a player holds up a moley for more than 2 weeks past the mail out dead line, the owner can give neutral at their discretion.