View Full Version : On the Dark Side II - Due March 31, 2012

01-12-2012, 03:50 PM
Due-Date: March 31, 2012
Sign-up: until full/early enough to get your cards to me on time
Withdraw: doesnīt matter, as long as you let me know
Number of Players: 25
Number of cards: 3 for 3 only
Medium: any, except stickers

On the Dark Side II

Last year I hosted a swap on this theme and there were lots of fabulous cards. Think vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, really bad dolls, scary kids.... There are lots of possibilities.

Use any medium you wish, except stickers.

* all cards must be 2.5" x 3.5" with straight edges, otherwise theyīll be returned to you

* This is a 3 for 3 swap only

* Best work please. Iīll try to swap effort for effort

* Please keep your cards flat. NO raised buttons, beads or other embellishments please. FLAT embellishments are okay

* Please sign up by posting to this thread ONLY, NOT through a PM

* No problem if you have to drop out, but please let me know. No cards and no communication will result in a neutral iTrader

* Each card should be sent in itīs own plastic sleeve

* Please include at least username and real name on the back of your cards. We canīt leave RepPoints if we donīt know who you are

* Please donīt just put your cards loose in your envelope when mailing them. Protect them someway. Either use a cut-down 9-pocket sleeve, a little tape or something like that

* Please donīt tape the daylight out of your cards or the envelope. A little goes a long way. And the more tape is used on your envelope, the higher the risk that I damage your cards if I have to cut it open

* Iīll provide the envelopes. Please send a LARGE address label with your name and address CLEARLY typed or written on

* Iīll cover the return postage. Although a € or a "donation" to my Paypal-account would be appreciated. But donīt worry if you donīt have one

* Do NOT send a SASE, unless youīre in Germany. I canīt use them and I wonīt send them back because of the mailing costs

* Please allow enough time for your cards to get to me. Remember, I am in Germany. I usually recommend a mailing time of 2 weeks for overseas players and 1 week for european players

* It would be great if you posted your cards to the thread to inspire us

* Please post to the thread when you mailed off your cards so I can watch out for them

* Please send me a PM when you need my address. If you already have my address from a previous swap or trade - it hasnīt changed.

So - who wants to follow me to the Dark Side???