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04-08-2008, 05:07 PM
today i inherited a set of "crazy eights" cards and a set of "war" cards (all cartoonish) that i originally thought i'd be able to use, but now realize i probably can't/won't.



*four suits (hearts, diamonds, stars, and smiley face suns)
*1-10 of each suit
*hearts have an elephant with a yellow hat/pink bow at the top, a monkey with a red hat/yellow tassle at the bottom, and a heart between the two of them and smaller hearts in the background
*diamonds have a female tiger at the top, a male lion at the bottom, they are looking at each other with a big diamond shape between them and sparking diamonds in the background
*stars have a white kitten with a blue bow at the top, a white scottie dog at the bottom with a blue collar, they are looking at each other with a yellow star between them and twinkling stars in the background
*the eight of stars says CRAZY across it in bold black capital letters
*smiley faces have a grey squirrel at the top and a white bunny with a blue bow at the bottom, looking at each other, smiling sun in between, suns in background



*1 title card, 1-11 four of each
*1=soldier, a red fox in army attire, holding a gun, marching through the jungle in combat boots
*2=ground troops, little prarie dogs poking out of mounds in the dessert looking through binoculars wearing helmets
*3=paratrooper, a squirrel floating down in a parachute clouds in background wearing army garb
*4=radar, a grey bat with a white star on chest hanging upside down from a tree with an antennae type disc sticking up from his head
*5=helicopter, a kitten with a jet pack in the sky looking down about to drop a water bomb
*6=howitzer, an elephant sitting on the ground in the jungle white star on chest, obviously just blew a cannon out of his trunk because it is smoking and he is closing his eyes and covering his ears
*7=submarine, a beaver underwater with a sailor hat and goggles
*8=tank, turtle/tank plowing down a hill
*9=hawk missile, a bird in a yellow sky with pink clouds flying, holding onto wheels with his feet/claws, wearing a flying helmet, scarf and goggles
*10=gunship, a duck floating atop water star on chest USSD on chest, red stripes on wing, smoking barrel pointed off his body, wearing sailor hat, scope, and headphone
*11=fighter plane, owl looking bird on wheels with hat and aviators saluting

random, i know, but one woman's junk might just be another woman's treasure

in exchange i would like to trade for:

-scrapbook and collage paper with intricate or interesting designs/details (i really like polka dots, paisley, floral, etc.)
-fabrics with patterns or objects that can be cut out/used for collage-shapes, people, etc.
-images that can be used for collage/vintage/ephemera
-embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, tags, etc.
-or there's always the option of atc's/inchies/rolos/chunkies, etc. :cute:

i'm pretty flexible!

if you are interested, post here for what you'd like, and then i'll pm you with a response so we can work it out!


04-21-2008, 03:15 PM
I would LOVE some of the Crazy Eights cards, especially the one with the word CRAZY! :) Can I send you a packet from your list and you send back what you think is fair?

04-21-2008, 10:46 PM
The War cards look very cool! I could make some altered tarot-style cards out of them. Please PM me, I bet I have some fun things you would like!

05-14-2008, 03:40 PM
do you still have the

*diamonds have a female tiger at the top, a male lion at the bottom, they are looking at each other with a big diamond shape between them and sparking diamonds in the background

if so i'd like to trade for them i can send some stuff from your list