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02-10-2016, 12:18 AM
Swap Due Date: April 7, 2016

Signup/withdraw date - open; please be sure to notify me ASAP if you need to withdraw so we can open up any spots for people who might be on a waiting list. No cards and lack of communication will result in neutral i-trader.

Number of Cards - 3 for 3
Number of participants: 30
Medium: Open to all original work except 100% digital/photography; standard 2.5 X 3.5" Please do more than just put the image of the bird on your card. Challenge yourself--use lots of layers, elements, and different mediums--do something your fellow swappers will love to add to their collection!


Each swap in this series will focus on a specific type/family of songbird.

For this swap, make three REALISTIC bird cards (a different bird on each card) from the SWALLOWS AND MARTINS family. Here's a list: http://carolinabirds.org/HTML/WLD_Swallow.htm

Some of these birds have amazing nests and beautiful eggs--you may also include those on your cards, but the bird should also be included. It would also be great if you caught birds in flight, or eating, or doing something other than just sitting on a branch (although it's fine if they are), or even baby birds--this will help add variety to your collection!

Please be sure to include the NAME of the actual bird on the back of your card (not just the "family" of birds). You can include it on the front if you wish, (artfully, please) but that is optional.

I will swap effort for effort, and generally medium for medium, although there may be some variation in your returns depending on how many people sign up to play.

Please do more than just put the image of the bird on your card. Challenge yourself--use lots of layers, elements, and different mediums--do something your fellow swappers will love to add to their collection!

If you are able, please post images of your ATCs to the thread so we can enjoy your artwork. Also, please let me know when you put your ATCs in the mail, as this helps me keep track of things.

MAILING INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to send forever stamps, or use/send adequate postage!

1. Please enclose each ATC in a protective sleeve; mail your cards in a business-sized envelope, and send a self-addressed, business-sized envelope with a forever postage stamp. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Smaller envelopes do not handle the extra thickness of several ATCs very well. I've had too many small envelopes arrive at my house partially opened on one end. If you use embellishments or thick plastic ATC holders that require your envelope to be hand-canceled because of bumpiness, extra thickness, rigidity, or extra weight, you must include an additional 22 cents PER ATC.

International participants, please send $1 (U.S.) or loose U.S. postage (global stamp), along with a large self-addressed envelope. If you use embellishments or thick plastic ATC holders that require your envelope to be hand-canceled because of bumpiness, extra thickness, rigidity, or extra weight, you must include an additional 22 cents PER ATC.

2. Please be sure to put my address in the top left-hand corner of your return envelope.

3. Label both envelopes with your AFA name and swap name. Also, be sure to include this information on the back of each ATC, and enclose each in an ATC sleeve.

4. I am an on-time hostess! Be sure to mail in plenty of time so your cards reach me before the deadline. Late cards or cards not following these guidelines/postage will be returned to the owner.

5. Please do NOT tape your envelope to death! If you tape the flap closed, please leave at least an inch free on either end so I can easily tear open your envelope without damaging the cards inside.

6. When you receive your cards for the swap, remember to leave iTrader for the Host (me) and Rep Points for the people you received cards from. Just click on the blue link for each person's name!

1. Seascape131 (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1782675&postcount=3) received
2. Dee (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1783341&postcount=5) received
3. eggstudio (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1798767&postcount=29) received

02-15-2016, 10:15 PM
Who wants to be the first to sign up? :jiggy:

02-16-2016, 01:45 PM
Hi Sherri...I will join, I watch the martins all the time and some have those big houses, they are good for the mosquitoes. They have a special section for them at the lakes near here.

02-16-2016, 06:11 PM
Yay Seascape--thanks for being number 1! :) I have fond memories of watching swallows build their nests under the eaves of our brick high school gym. Springtime was fun because you could hear and see all the babies sticking their heads out to be fed, and if we were lucky, we found fairly intact eggshells on the ground underneath.

02-18-2016, 02:26 AM
No way, Seascape! I just knew I would be first to sign up. Ok, I'm in! Thanks

02-20-2016, 04:41 PM
Welcome, Dee--glad to have you! :)

02-23-2016, 12:24 PM
Around here, people have special martin houses, they are like apartments and the martins build their nests in them, you can have 10 or 15 or maybe more in one house, they have maybe three floors to them. In the winter they are lowered on the pole that they are on, like a flag would be lowered.

02-23-2016, 03:14 PM
Wow! I guess you really love your martins in Ohio! I'd love to see a picture.

02-24-2016, 12:07 AM
http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrBT7ddKs1WuToAx93BGOd_?p=blue+martin +bird+houses&fr=ipad&fr2=piv-web

See if this link works for picture of Martin houses...Judy

02-24-2016, 10:13 PM
So cool--like little bird condominiums! :)

03-05-2016, 12:29 AM
Where have all the bird-lovers gone? We need you to come play! :)

03-05-2016, 01:22 PM
My ATCs have been mailed....forgot to put in plastic sleeves. But they are in protective stapled pockets. I will make it up to you and send you the sleeves alone or catch you next time. I was in a hurry and forgot the separate sleeves. Sorry, but I will make it up to you. Thanks

03-08-2016, 10:21 PM
Seascape,your cards are here and they are adorable! Whoever gets them in the swap will love them! Thanks for including a hostess card. :)

03-12-2016, 08:00 PM
You are welcome!

03-16-2016, 02:13 AM
I am way behind you Seascape :eek:

I am learning things about the birds we have been doing, Sherri. I was with some ATC friends a couple of weeks ago, and one held up a picture of a Royal Tyrant flycatcher and asked what kind of bird it was. I filled her in with name, location and the mating ritual of that particular bird. That's exciting!

03-17-2016, 10:54 PM
It IS exciting! I've had some similar experiences, and it's always nice to be able to say "I know what that bird is!" :)

Just a quick note: from the looks of things, interest in birds has slowed down, so this will probably be the last swap in this series--at least for a while. I might bring it back several months later and see if we can pick up some new players. It's hard to trade with just two or three of us.

03-18-2016, 01:45 AM
Awe, :(. I understand, Sherri. I started a book just for the birds so I'll be looking forward to more bird swaps. When you decide to do another bird series or a swap please PM me. I would not want to miss out! Ill see what I can do to get my Swallows and Martin in the mail next week.

03-18-2016, 08:52 PM
Sounds good! :)

03-20-2016, 09:35 AM
Hi Sherri...yes, be sure to pm me when you start the bird swaps back up. Sorry, the interest slowed down and they have been fun swaps. Players don't know what they have been missing. Thank you for hosting them.

03-22-2016, 04:36 PM
Thank you for being a faithful player! :)

03-28-2016, 12:37 PM
Bumping up! I'm willing to push the deadline out a bit if I can get at least one or two more players! :)

03-30-2016, 01:24 AM
I'm working on the last of my 4 cards now, I will be mailing in the morning. More players will be exciting! :jiggy:

04-01-2016, 09:19 PM
Sounds good--I think Eggstudio is going to try to make if for this last swap, so at least we'll all take home 3 different ATC from 3 different artists! :)

04-05-2016, 02:26 AM
Where o where did my birdies go
Where o where can they be

I work from midnight till 8 A.M. five days a week. I have a lot of down time and management is lovely about letting me use the computer for personal use. Often I drink too much coffee so I get a bit hyper. So the coffee and short sleep during the week combine to make me a bit mad :twitcy:

04-05-2016, 02:36 AM
I sure would like to know what Eggstudio uses as a finish on her mixed media cards;). I just love using these wonderfully animated emoticons.

04-05-2016, 09:34 PM
Dee, how nice that you can "play" on the job! :) Your birdies safely arrived today, and they are lovely, as usual. Thanks for the extra card!

04-06-2016, 01:38 AM
Yea, my birdies made it! Thank You!

04-06-2016, 10:02 PM
Hey Dee I think on that last batch I actually glued those little birdies down with water downed
Mod Podge and swept some over the image also. It's kind of a new glue for me I'm so use to that PVA glue. I love glue. on another note I've sent out some birdies to you goatgirl, keeping fingers crossed that they will arrive in time......arggg

04-07-2016, 02:19 AM
Eggstudio,It's great to have you back! I also love glue. I ate it from kinder through 2nd grade; it was called paste, very thick and a bit minty tasting :wub:. Its been a long time since I have used Mod Podge, and I had no idea it could produce such a wonderfully fragile look by brushing it over a collage/mixed media work. I do not get that effect with the glue I'm using. Thanks so much for sharing. I wonder how it tastes . . . M.o.d. P.o.d.g.e. .

04-08-2016, 02:21 PM
Just a note that mod podge tends to leave your surface permanently sticky/tacky, even when it dries. Not a problem if you keep things in plastic sleeves, but if you use it for other artwork, it can make pages stick together, etc. I like to use watered-down gel medium to avoid this problem. Alternatively, you can brush a little baby powder over the top of your mod-podged surface and that will help remove some of the tackiness.

04-11-2016, 03:07 AM
I use a Golden's gel medium, and I get a terribly tacky card when I brush it over the finished card. Could it be because I"m not watering it down? I appreciate the tip about the baby powder.

04-12-2016, 11:51 PM
Eggstudio, your cards are here, and returns will be in tomorrow's mail! Thank you all for being a part of this series--I'll let you know if I start it up again later. :)

04-13-2016, 02:26 AM
Awe, :unsure:

04-13-2016, 02:30 AM
I have appreciated the Songbird Series,Sherri! And I am looking forward to returns!

04-17-2016, 05:00 PM
Received my swap ATCs...love each one...hope we do this again!!

04-17-2016, 05:05 PM
Dee..just read your question, would like to know the answer too, I don't know.

04-18-2016, 08:03 PM
I do water down the gel medium when I use it. It's easier to work with that way--not so thick/heavy.

Glad to see returns are arriving!

04-19-2016, 02:28 AM
Received a wonderful flock of swallows, Baby Barn Swallows, a Wired Tailed Swallow, and a Bank Swallow! A hearty thanks to goatgirl, eggstudio, and seascape for all my new lovelies! I have a "You Rock" list I'll add you to if I am unable to
give you a credit in the next few min.

I appreciate the gel medium tip! In all the times I've used it, I have not thinned it :rolleyes:. Sometimes I really need a nudge.

I learned I can draw and paint/color birds on the Songbird Series Swaps we have been doing. And I believe I've gotten better at collage work. I am working on integrating more mediums into my collage work also. Thanks goatgirl for a fantastic journey with birds.

04-19-2016, 06:14 PM
You are most welcome! :)