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05-21-2020, 09:35 PM
Swap Due Date: 7 August 2020
Sign-up/Withdraw Date: No sign-up – you are added to the list when you ask to join, but I won't link to your post until you tell me they've been mailed.
Number of Cards: 4:4
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Media: HD/HP/Collage/Mixed Media

**Please make sure to read the definition you plan to use and illustrate/collage it accordingly. Some words are spelled similarly, but have completely different meanings.**

Welcome everyone! We are at the finish line! This is the conclusion to the Dictionary Word swap. (If anyone wants to host a new series, please feel free!) For this swap, we are making four cards with dictionary words with definitions – each card will feature a dictionary word for the following letters: W, X, Y and Z. You must include the dictionary word and definition on the front of your card. I do have some Dos and Don’ts, so please read carefully below.

**As much as possible, I will trade medium for medium, unless you tell me that you are okay with getting mixed returns. However, I am limited by the types of cards people make, so I can’t guarantee this.

~Nouns are easy to picture and art up (walrus, x-ray, yellow jacket, zebra), however, consider looking at the verbs or adjectives. Example: “Wallow: to roll about in the mud." There are so many things you could illustrate that would fit with this word!
~Have fun illustrating your word: Do whatever sparks your imagination!

DOs and DON’Ts:
~DO show the word/definition somewhere on your card. You can tear/cut it from a dictionary, print it, or have it as a part of your background (as long as the word/definition is visible.) If you write neatly, you can write it on your card.
~DON’T use magazine images as your sole focus – this isn’t artful. Add additional elements to make it artsy, expressive and interesting. You CAN use magazine images if it’s a creative expression of a bigger picture. Please feel free to ask if this isn’t very clear – this rule in place to make sure that participants receive cards that have been made with an attempt at creativity.
~DON’T have one tiny thing that fits the definition, and a bunch of things that have nothing to do with the word/definition. Example: If you choose 'Unicorn’, don’t have random bits and pieces of stuff on your card with one strip of unicorn washi tape going across the bottom. The focal image should be the main focus.
~ALL words are acceptable except those words that are racially or politically insensitive.
~DO have fun and get creative!

~Each card must have a dictionary word with its definition on the front of the card. The Dictionary Word for card 1 will start with the letter W, card 2 will start with the letter X, card 3 will start with the letter Y and card 4 will start with the letter Z.
~Cards must be 2.5x3.5 inches, sturdy and neatly cut. I will return cards that are misshapen, lopsided or more than 1/8th of an inch off.
~Cards must be in a thin protective plastic sleeve.
~Please don’t make the card super bulky or have raised bits (ie, like rhinestones). They really do get mangled in the postal machines.
~At minimum, please include your User Name on the back of the card. You may add more info if you wish (location, date made, website, etc…)
~Do your best work and get creative. Send cards that were made with thought and care; something you would be thrilled to receive. (READ THE DON’Ts, listed above.)
~FLAT Embellishments are allowed and encouraged. If you embellish your cards, please try to ensure it complements the card. Make sure all embellishments are secured to the card.
~NO STICKERS except as an accent and not a focal image. No white borders on the stickers.
~NO LOOSE GLITTER. If you use glitter, it MUST be in the form of glitter glue or mixed with a sealant like gel medium/matte medium, etc…

~PM me when you are ready to send!
~Include a Forever stamp (U.S.) or a concealed U.S. dollar or U.S. Forever Stamp (outside the U.S).
~Include a neatly written/typed return label.
~Do not include a return envelope unless you really want to – otherwise, I will provide the envelopes.
~Secure cards in the envelope so they don’t all bunch up in a corner. You can tape them to a sturdy paper/light cardboard the shape of the envelope or tape them together in a row.

Who would like to come play?
1. Allegrae (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2077510#post2077510)
2. Cmcarli (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2077537#post2077537)
3. Betsyg (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2080332#post2080332)
4. Artbymee
5. Luckycat479 (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2077579#post2077579)
6. Dnewton (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2078321#post2078321)
7. Heathermae77 (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2078276#post2078276)
8. Karr3ll (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2078566#post2078566)
9. Donnacr (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2078896#post2078896)
11. Rebeccag (http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?37268-Dictionary-Words-W-X-Y-Z-Hand-Drawn-Painted-Collaged-Mixed-Media-Due-Aug-7&p=2083209#post2083209)

05-21-2020, 09:53 PM
I'm in!

05-21-2020, 11:53 PM
I'm looking forward to playing. Thanks.

05-22-2020, 01:06 PM
Me too, please

05-22-2020, 03:56 PM
I'm another YES

05-22-2020, 04:05 PM
Yes! Yes!

05-22-2020, 07:07 PM
welcome, everyone!

05-26-2020, 08:14 PM
Last of the set! I'm in!!

05-29-2020, 09:41 PM
You know I wanna join...sign me up please.

05-30-2020, 06:49 AM
Cards are in the mail. Thanks for hosting!!!

05-30-2020, 01:07 PM
Welcome, welcome, everyone! I will keep my eyes out for your cards, Dnewton!

05-31-2020, 12:32 PM
Very cool cards, dnewton972 - I especially love 'yesterday'!

06-01-2020, 09:50 AM
Me please... cards will be in mail today

06-03-2020, 07:30 AM
Welcome, everyone!

06-03-2020, 11:21 PM
Can't miss the final instalment - sign me up, please

06-04-2020, 09:04 PM
Dnewton, your cards are here!

06-05-2020, 05:39 PM
Karr3ll, your cards are here! :yes:

06-06-2020, 09:35 PM
I want to join. Sounds like fun!

06-08-2020, 07:11 PM
Welcome, Lilakey65! I will add you to the list!

06-11-2020, 09:15 AM
Hi, can you add me to this swap please? Love the topic!

06-11-2020, 09:44 PM
Absolutely, TurquoisePineapple! Welcome!

06-13-2020, 01:16 AM
My cards are in the mail today - thanks for taking us to the end of this alphabet.

06-15-2020, 06:36 PM
Wonderful cards, Donnacr! I will add you to the list! And you're welcome - this has been a long term commitment for so many of you. How long have we been doing this? Gosh...I don't even remember...

06-19-2020, 06:44 AM
'A, B, C' swap was due Mar 29, 2019 - you have done a fantastic job, thanks!

06-19-2020, 05:39 PM
Thank you, Donnacr! Wow - has it really only just over a year? It seems like it was ages ago! :swoon:

06-19-2020, 06:24 PM
These will go out tomorrow when I get them packed up.

Wife, Widow, Xebec, Yucca and Zodiac

06-20-2020, 05:43 PM
Heathermae77, your cards arrived!

Thank you, Betsyg - I will keep my eyes open for them!

06-21-2020, 05:02 PM
Dang! Are you going to start over again at A? Wonder if anyone has done an alphabet moo swap... hmm, must look into it - I haven't hosted since 2015!

06-22-2020, 09:00 PM
I will be taking a break from hosting once this swap is through (aside from the 5x7 canvas trade), so if there is anyone who wants to host this swap, please feel free! There are a number of people who weren't able to complete a the set.

07-01-2020, 07:13 PM
Bumpity bump.

07-07-2020, 10:51 PM
Cmcarli, your cards arrived!

There's only one month left to mail your cards! The mail seems to still be a bit delayed from some regions, so mail early if you can!

07-10-2020, 05:25 PM
I do apologize, but I have to drop out. Many regrets.

07-11-2020, 12:25 PM
No problem, Lilakey65! Thank you for letting me know!

Betsyg, your cards are here!

07-12-2020, 11:20 AM

07-13-2020, 09:47 PM
Betsyg, I just need to say this - your signature makes me laugh every time I see it! :biglaugh:

Donnacr, your awesome cards arrived safe and sound!

07-16-2020, 07:11 PM
Please include me!

07-19-2020, 06:25 PM
Welcome, RebeccaG!

If anyone is lurking, there is only a couple more weeks left!

07-22-2020, 04:39 PM
Looking for something to do today. Lurking for today

07-22-2020, 07:49 PM
I hope you find inspiration and can join!

07-23-2020, 12:44 PM
Mailing mine today. I have your address!

07-26-2020, 05:37 PM
Very cool cards Donnacr and Betsyg!

07-27-2020, 04:12 PM
Your yarn card is fantastic, donnacr! I had to look up Xebec, BetsyG, so that was fun. Cool card!

07-27-2020, 05:28 PM
Rebeccag, your cards are here!

08-01-2020, 04:15 AM
My cards have mailed.

08-01-2020, 05:47 PM
Thank you! I am requesting this thread be moved to the Active thread.

08-04-2020, 08:33 PM
Allegrae, your cards arrived!

08-06-2020, 07:22 PM
Luckycat, your beautiful cards arrived today!

I do belive that is everyone's cards. I will sort and swap this weekend. :jiggy:

08-11-2020, 07:41 AM
Everyone's cards went out in the mail yesterday! :jiggy: Thank you SO very much for playing in this series of ATC swaps!

08-13-2020, 03:23 PM
Happy mail today! Great cards from donnacr, RebeccaG, allegrae, and Heathermae77. Thank you all and thanks to Foxglove for a terrific series!

08-13-2020, 05:20 PM
Yay! So glad they are starting to arrive!

You all were fantastic players! I hope you all had fun!

08-16-2020, 10:49 AM
Happy returns fom Luckycat479, cmcarli, donnacr, and Betsyg! Thank you again for hosting! The completed set is fantastic!