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Vicki Z
11-29-2020, 12:30 PM
Swap Due Date: February 19, 2021
Signup/Withdraw Date: February 19, 2021
Number of ATCs: 3 for 3 or 6 for 6
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Medium: Any and all media and techniques are welcome
NOT UR USUAL Valentines, Due February 19, 2021


Not all Valentines are sweet, loving, and sentimental.
Sometimes they are creepy

Not all Valentines depict Love.
Sometimes there are Monsters

Not all Valentines are the best of the best.
Sometimes Valentines bring out the BEAST.

Not all Valentines are floral, lacy, heart-covered pieces of awesome-ness.
Sometimes they are skeletal

Did I mention making Wild Witches, Vampires, Zombie, or Terrible Terminators Valentines

This is a swap for strange, odd, off-beat, different, not normal, Valentines.
"Regular" Valentines not acceptable!

This is NOT difficult. Merely think outside the box.
Replace sentiments of love with statements of frustration. Replace hearts & flowers with rain/ clouds. Focus on angry winged dragons instead of a benign winged Cupid. Take a well-known poem and (negatively) change the lyrics. Start with a simple story but give it a different ending. Tell of wrongs inflicted, instead of lauding love.

Use other colors instead of the traditional red, pink, white, and go with blacks, greens, dark blues; or metallic gold, silver, copper. You can give your cards a monster, witch, mummy, zombie, skulls and skeletons spin, or not, as you wish.

Do mixed media, hand drawn, hand painted or some combination. Go wild. Have fun. Be creative. Think "not normal"

* This is a 3 for 3 or 6 for 6 card trade. Make 3 or 6 cards and receive the same number back.

* ALL mediums and techniques are welcome.
Please make sure you add some depth to your cards, whatever style you choose. Your mediums can include, but are not limited to: paper, tissue paper, crayon, acrylic, watercolor, gel pens, colored pencil, rubber stamping, ink, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, etc. Please do not take a magazine image, cut it into a square, glue it onto some colored paper, and call it done. Make the ATC YOUR CREATION! I do ask that you send in your best work --- something you would not be disappointed in receiving if it was sent to you.

*Please sign up by posting to this thread.
* ONLY ATCs allowed. No APCs accepted.
* All cards need to be standard ATC size: 2.5” x 3.5”
* All cards need to be sent each in their own plastic sleeve. This is for their protection!
* All cards need to be sturdy enough to earn the name “card” (no floppy or flimsy paper). If your ATC is drawn or otherwise created on a single sheet of paper, and "flimsy", please back your ATC with something stiffer, such as a cereal box. Just as important, check for cards that are too thick. Each card must still be capable of fitting into the standard ATC sleeve. If your ATC will not fit into an ATC sleeve, it is too bulky.
* Please put the Swap name and your Username on the back of all cards. And please write clearly on everything!
.....We can't give you itrades and/or You Rock! points if we don't know who you are.
* Please confirm there is enough postage on the envelope.
.....Please check both the envelope you send to me, and the envelope I need to send back to you.
* If you are unsure about mailing ATCs, or just may want to pick up some good tips for shipping, here is a great link.
http://atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=909 (http://http://atcsforall.com/forum/showthread.php?t=909)

* If you are inside the U.S., please include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope 4 by 9 1/2 inches, with 55 cents postage, or one "Forever" stamp if trading 3 cards; or one forever and one additional ounce postage stamp if trading 6 cards, OR if your cards are extra heavy or extra bulky (or 2 forever stamps if that is easier).

* Canadian and other International participants, if you have U.S. funds, or U.S. postage, it is greatly appreciated. Please send $1.00 or 2 "Forever" stamps. However, since many of you do not have access to U.S. stamps, I will cover your postage. Please include a self addressed envelope 4 by 9 1/2 inches (10 x 28 cm), or if you do not have the correct size envelope, please include a large mailing label with your address and I will provide the envelope.
* I apologize for being so demanding about the envelope size, but the postal rates in the US charge extra for thickness. When cards are stacked, or overlapped, in (a smaller) envelope, it almost always costs more to mail. If you send me a small envy, the cards get stacked. When I use the 4 inch by 9 1/2 inch business size envelopes, I can spread the cards over the area, making a THIN package, and only pay for basic (minimum) postage.

* Cards are due to me by February 19, 2021. Please allow sufficient lead time for cards to get to me, particularly if you are an International participant. Returns will be mailed promptly. Please leave iTrader for your HOST ONLY (me) when you receive your returns and please take the time to leave Reputation/You Rock points for your fellow players from whom you receive cards.

* A hostie card in this theme is appreciated but not at all expected!

* Thank you for considering this swap! If you have my address from previous swaps, it hasn't changed. If you are new, or have misplaced my address, please send me a PM.

* Above all ~Have fun!!!

Current Participants
NOT UR USUAL Valentines, Due February 19, 2021

*/. wolfpax3 -- WITHDREW
*1. TrinaLD -- Cards Received 2/19
*2. LuAnnP -- Cards Received1/22
*3. angelmuz -- Cards Received1/12
*4. Boots -- Cards Received1/13
*5. Vicki Z -- Cards Received1/13

11-30-2020, 08:11 PM
Would hate to miss this one. Please add me to the list? :eek:

11-30-2020, 08:30 PM
My kind of swap! Please sign me up!!!:jiggy:

Vicki Z
11-30-2020, 11:08 PM
Welcome wolfpax3 and LuAnnP.
I signed up both of you.

12-02-2020, 06:57 PM
I'm intrigued and will see what I can come up with so am lurking for now.

Vicki Z
12-02-2020, 11:40 PM
Lurkers welcome, TrinaLD.
Hope you can come back and join us.

Ancient Planter
12-04-2020, 06:46 PM
Love the idea, but I need to lurk for a bit. It reminds me of the youtube video I saw yesterday - Satan joins match.com and meets his perfect mate, a young "woman" named 2020. It's a lovely "romance": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPq23RWpgPM I think it's called "Match Made in Hell" and is by Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift?

Vicki Z
12-04-2020, 07:03 PM
Lurkers welcome.
Hope you can join us.

I will go check out the Match Made in Hell.
Thanks for the link!

12-16-2020, 08:54 PM
Lurking for now. Have to see if I can climb out of my box . . .

Vicki Z
12-16-2020, 09:59 PM
Lurkers always welcome, Cleopatra.
Hope you can climb out or your box and join us.

12-24-2020, 03:23 AM
I will join. I have some made already!

Vicki Z
12-24-2020, 03:25 AM
Welcome angelmuz.
I signed you up.

12-28-2020, 11:58 AM
I'm working on Valentine ATCs exclusively right now, so I hope I can make something for this swap. Lurking until then.

Vicki Z
12-28-2020, 03:53 PM
Lurkers welcome, RaineyDay.
Work hard and come on back.

01-04-2021, 10:10 PM
cards are done and on their way tomorrow!

Vicki Z
01-05-2021, 05:20 AM
Thanks for the heads up, angelmuz.
Mail is still unpredictable, sometimes 3-4 days, sometimes mail takes a week to get to me.
I will watch for your cards and let you know as soon as they arrive.

01-05-2021, 01:06 PM
this is very, very tempting vicki! i hope to join .... this is my year for otb (outside the box).

Vicki Z
01-05-2021, 02:32 PM
Lurkers wlecome.
Hope you can join us, mwilding.

01-09-2021, 08:39 AM
These are WONDERFUL, Vicki! I really appreciate the list of what was used to make them, too. I'm fairly new to collage and this really helps.

I have two completed and hope to post later today....

WARNING: they are definitely NOT UR Usual Valentines....
(But I've been chuckling ever since the idea came to me....)

(How's THAT for a teaser!?!?!?)

01-09-2021, 10:46 AM
I confess. I have a weird sense of humor.

As I was exercising in my semi-finished basement, I noted a roll of screen up between the joists.

The basic concept for this series just popped into my head and would not leave.

It took a couple of tries, but once I figured out the basic design, they came together quickly.

Cardstock, screen, printed image from the internet, sewing machine, double-stick tape.

Now I just need to come up with additional titles. The first is:

"They long to be close to you " (Think: Carpenters song)





Vicki Z
01-11-2021, 04:18 PM
Yes, you certainly do have a weird sense of humor, but I LOVE it.
And here in Minnesota we do have our mosquitoes!!! BIG ONES!!!
Did you know that the Minnesota mosquito is soooooo large, that, the mosquito is the state bird of Minnesota.
I know, I personally donate to its preservation daily. (in the winter) and several times daily in the summertime.

FAB cards, and definitely NOT UR USUAL Valentines.
Looking forward to your additional titles.

Vicki Z
01-12-2021, 03:06 PM
The mail must be catching up.
ACs received from angelmuz.
Thanks so much for including a Hostie Card.

Vicki Z
01-22-2021, 04:51 PM
AWESOME cards received from LuAnnP.
These are definitely NOT UR USUAL Valentines!!!!! :twitcy:

Your mosquito screen is so unusual, and our song titles for each card are spectacular!
LOVE your creativity.

Thanks so much for including a hostie card.

01-23-2021, 07:16 AM
Please sign me up.

Vicki Z
01-24-2021, 12:11 AM
I signed you up, Boots.

02-02-2021, 09:30 PM
I'm working on cards tonight and will see what I come up with for this swap and let you know if I'll join.

Vicki Z
02-02-2021, 11:03 PM
I'm working on cards tonight and will see what I come up with for this swap and let you know if I'll join.

Sounds great.
See what you can come up with.....

Vicki Z
02-04-2021, 02:32 PM
TWO WEEKS before all cards have to be IN MY HANDS.
If you plan to participate, get your ATCs created and mailed!!!

02-10-2021, 02:25 PM
I'm mailing cards today. They should arrive in time. Please sign me up, VickiZ!

Vicki Z
02-10-2021, 04:02 PM
Thanks for joining, TrinaLD.
I signed you up.

02-13-2021, 06:15 PM
I'm so sorry. I will need to withdraw. Both my father and son have had medical issues. Both are fine now, but it blew all thought of art out of my head for a few weeks.

Vicki Z
02-13-2021, 07:41 PM
Thanks for letting me know.

Vicki Z
02-16-2021, 05:08 PM
Cards due in 3 days.
Your ATCs should already be in the mail to reach me in time.

02-19-2021, 01:23 PM
Well, I do hope the cards arrive today. If they don't arrive on time, VickiZ, consider them a gift.

Vicki Z
02-19-2021, 01:40 PM
I am sure they are setting in my mailbox.
I went out early yesterday morning to beat the snow, even though I realize that if I go out too early, the posties may not have sorted all the mail they have into the post office mailboxes.
I have not gone out yet today, because if I go out too early, the posties may not have sorted all the incoming mail into the post office mailboxes.
Soooooo, chances are they arrived late yesterday and will be there when I check this afternoon.
Not to worry.......

Vicki Z
02-19-2021, 07:02 PM
Your cards are here,TrinaLD.
Thanks so much for including a hostie card.

02-19-2021, 07:40 PM
Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad they arrived on schedule. These days, it's kind of difficult to judge.

Vicki Z
02-19-2021, 07:52 PM
Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad they arrived on schedule. These days, it's kind of difficult to judge.

I know what you mean.
Sometimes snail mail is soooooo slow. I mean, it took a month for a personal trade that I sent from Minnesota, to reach the recipient in Ohio.
Then, the next day I get a letter that took 3 days from California to Minnesota.
And the next day I get a tracked, priority, 2-day delivery letter, that took 11 days to reach me.
And someone paid extra for "FAST" Delivery.....

Who knows?????

Vicki Z
02-22-2021, 05:58 PM
Cards have been sorted, and will go out in tomorrow's mail.
Mail seems to be catching up, but don't panic if your returns take a week to reach you.

02-27-2021, 12:48 PM
Well, here's the mail yesterday and surprise - my returns! Postmarked on 2.23.21 from MN and arrived in Sacramento, CA on 2.26.21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I had a friend who's 2 day priority envelope sent by her brother about 100 miles away and that cost over $20 took 28 days to reach her. It travelled the country, spending quite a bit of time in Baltimore and DC. Brother and friend both live in CA.

Anyway, back to the returns. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to LuAnnP, Angelmuz, and one other person who sent "Be My Habibi." Please let me know who this is so I can leave You Rock. I love the card and the information that goes along with it, but I don't seem to be able to find the person's name.

This was a lot of fun.

Vicki Z
02-27-2021, 06:36 PM
That card is from Boots.
I am sorry, I was certain I checked to make sure all the card backs were signed.

02-28-2021, 05:16 PM
Thanks, Vicki Z. It probably was but I just didn't see it. Tired eyes!

Vicki Z
03-02-2021, 05:01 AM
All returns have been confirmed received so I am closing down this thread.

The cards were all very definitely unusual.
This was an unusually fun swap.
Thanks for participating.