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10-27-2021, 05:35 PM
Due Date: December 20, 2021
Withdraw by Date: Anytime - just please communicate
Number of pieces: 3 for 3 coins or 3 for 3 Twinchies
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Media: Any (just make sure they fit into a penny sleeve)
Monochromatic Orange Artist Trading Coins &/or Twinchies
This is the 6th in a monochrome series. I will post a new color each month. I’m going to do both shapes since some are partial to coins but some love the variety. When you sign up please let me know if you are planning on doing coins, twinchies or both!

Upcoming Colors include:
Monochrome White / Silver Twinchies or Coins - January
Monochrome Yellow / Gold Twinchies or Coins - February
Monochrome Red Twinchies or Coins - March
This round your artwork needs to be mostly Orange. There can be minimal amounts of other colors.

Swap Requirements:
Coins need to have a diameter of 2.5 inches. If you do not have a 2.5 circle die or punch, please make sure you cut your circles neatly. They do not have to be perfect, but they should not look sloppy.
Twinchies need to be 2 inches by 2 inches square. Please make sure to cut your squares neatly.
Original artwork only
3:3 (hostess gifts are never a requirement, but would be treasured)
Good craftsmanship: send in something that you would be excited to see in your return envelope. I am going to do my best to swap effort for effort.
Please make sure your artwork is sturdy. They need to be thicker than just one sheet of card stock.
Each piece needs to be in its own protective sleeve.
Please include swap name, your username, real name, and location on the back of each piece.
US Participants – Please include a legible SASE.
International Participants - Please include a mailing label with your address clearly written or typed. I will provide an envelope for returns for international players. Please include a well concealed US dollar bill or US global forever stamp.
Please make sure to package your artwork securely. We don't want these wonderful works of art to get banged up in the mail.
If you are sending both coins and twinchies, please have the post office weigh your envelope to make sure you have enough postage or mail them separately, especially if they have embellishments.
When you are ready to send in your pieces, please send me a private message for my mailing address (I did move last year so don’t use a saved address unless you verify). Also, please post in the thread when you send your envelope, so I can be on the lookout.
Make sure your pieces are mailed in time to be in my hands on or before the due date.
It is always fun and inspiring when artists share their artwork in the thread, so please do!
Feel free to comment on coins or twinchies that you like in the thread. It makes my job as host easier if I can give you something that I know you’ll love.

When you receive your returns, please leave itrader for your hostess (me) and "you rock" points to the players you received artwork from.

Who is ready for some Outrageous Orange Art?
2. Spirit Soul -coins rec'd
3. lazyshadows - coins rec'd
4. Blue Angel - coins rec'd
5. Donnacr - coins rec'd
7. Zandradee - coins rec'd
8. cmcarli - coins rec'd
9. catladybj - coins rec'd

2. Robin -twinchies rec'd
3. Spirit Soul - twinchies rec'd
4. lazyshadows - twinchies rec'd
5. Donnacr - twinchies rec'd
6. dnewton972 - twinchies rec'd
7. Zandradee - twinchies rec'd
8. Suzi - twinchies rec'd
9. cmcarli - twinchies rec'd

10-27-2021, 11:49 PM
I am in for both coins and twinchies. Liked the papers you enclosed.

10-28-2021, 12:08 AM
I would like to join in, Twinchies Please!

10-28-2021, 12:12 AM
Welcome!! I'm glad you both are back

Spirit Soul
10-28-2021, 09:19 AM
I'd like to join for both too. I have them done and will post pics and mail out in a bit.

10-28-2021, 10:06 AM
Me! Both and yes, they are ready so i will mail them tomorrow to you!

10-28-2021, 10:10 AM

10-28-2021, 11:11 AM
I would like to join for coins, please. Thank you for the papers too!

Spirit Soul
10-28-2021, 11:39 AM
Here are mine. Twinchies are all similar with different words - and they ARE orange! The scan tweaked them and they look red.




10-28-2021, 06:47 PM
Welcome to lazyshadows and Blue Angel!! I can't believe you guys have fantastic artwork already posted - thank you!!

10-31-2021, 08:33 PM
sign me up for both please, they are in the mail to you today. My ATCoins:

10-31-2021, 08:34 PM
and my Twinchies:

11-01-2021, 01:21 AM
Could I sign up for coins, please?

11-01-2021, 11:36 PM
I’m in for orange inchies! Was sent some lovely starting supplies.

11-03-2021, 12:24 PM
Zandradee - your coins and twinchies arrived yesterday

11-03-2021, 07:35 PM
Please sign me up for coins.

Thank you.


11-04-2021, 10:33 AM
Welcome cmcarli!! I'm happy that we have lots of players back :spinny:

11-04-2021, 05:42 PM
Please sign me up for Twinchies. I will be mailing them tomorrow with the tan, brown and copper ones!

11-05-2021, 03:13 AM
Orange coins, plz!

11-08-2021, 12:27 PM
Welcome Suzi and catladybj!

Saturday I received orange coins and twinchies from SpiritSoul and teinchies from Robin! I love the bright oranges that you guys are using!

11-12-2021, 11:30 AM
I've received orange coins and twinchies from Lazyshadows and twinchies from Suzi!

11-16-2021, 05:18 PM
Twinchies in the mail

11-19-2021, 02:11 PM
Donnacr, your coins and twinchies arrived yesterday! I love the bright colors

11-20-2021, 12:07 AM
I am sending two envelopes tomorrow. One for coins and one of twinches, which I forgot to sign up for.

Thank you for this opportunity to explore the world of Orange.

- cmcarli

11-28-2021, 11:29 AM
I have received orange artwork in my mailbox over the holiday week. I’m moving my youngest out of the house today ): but will definitely go through and let everyone know what has arrived by tomorrow.

11-29-2021, 12:02 PM
I have received orange twinchies from dnewton972 and coins & twinchies from cmcarli!
The deadline for this swap is only 3 weeks out. Keep your eyes open, the white/silver swap should be posted today or tomorrow!

11-30-2021, 11:49 AM
My coins are going out in today's mail.

12-14-2021, 11:26 AM
BlueAngel - I did receive your coins last week. I did iTrader but forgot to post here.
There is 1 week remaining in this swap!

The White/Silver swap is open and I've already received one gorgeous set of Twinchies!! Hope you'll all join!

12-20-2021, 01:04 PM
I have received all of the orange artwork and will be swapping out tonight. I'll let you know when they go into the mail. Thanks for playing and I hope to see you all in white/silver!!

12-23-2021, 10:01 AM
Once again - so much wonderful Orange artwork!! I didn’t get a pic of everything laid out on the table this round. Plus there was neighbor gift stuff all around the edges! :eek: Everyone’s envelopes will go out this morning after being weighed and properly postaged. (Is that a word?)
I had a good time yesterday playing with a new bottle of gold ink. Each you you will get a square of homemade swirly metallic gold paper.

12-25-2021, 05:48 PM
Returns went out on the 23rd so you all should begin receiving them next week. I hope you like what you get. Please post to the thread when you get your envelope.

12-28-2021, 01:30 PM
I'm glad that the orange artwork is making its way to you all! Be watching for the Yellow / Gold swap - it should be up this afternoon.

12-29-2021, 03:14 PM
Fantastic orange twinchies from cmcarli, robin and lazyshadows. Love them!

01-03-2022, 02:04 PM
Thank you for a fun swap! I love my returns and am leaving feedback now. :)

01-14-2022, 02:13 PM
Love my returns, thank you!