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11-26-2022, 01:05 PM
Swap Due Date: January 31, 2023
SignUp / Withdraw: January 24, 2023
Number of Twinchies: 3 for 3
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Media: Any (please limit use of stickers)
‘Twas the Twinchie Series - ‘Sicles, Crystals and Flakes

Twinchies are terrific two inch treasures! A little smaller than ATCs but still room for lots of creativity.

This swap is for arctic twinchies! Show me the snow! I’m the only one in my family who loves the cold weather and snow. I’d love to see your artistic take on snow, snowflakes, glaciers, ice crystals, icicles or glittery frost. Your twinchie can be a daedalian snowflake, a dangerous icicle or a dazzling frosty landscape or a delicate hoarfrost on a tree branch. (I had to look it up). Put a little time into your artwork and send in twinchies that you would be pleased to receive. No plain white backgrounds please unless it clearly factors into your artwork, which it totally could.

This concludes my 'twas the twinchie series.

Twinchies are 2 inch by 2 inch squares. Please make sure your twinchie is on a sturdy backing such as cereal box. On the back, include the swap name, your user name, your real name, and your location. A host twinchie is not required to play but if you send one, I will be giddy and treasure it!

When your twinchies are ready to mail please PM me for my address. If you have my address on Beachy, that is the correct one. If your twinchies are embellished please send them ‘non-machinable’ with appropriate postage. Please mail early as we are in the holiday season and that slows things down quite a bit.

US players: please include a large address label and a forever stamp. If your twinchies are embellished please consider sending extra postage to cover ‘non-machinable’ delivery to their forever homes. I will provide envelopes.
International players: please include a large address label and a concealed US dollar bill or a US International forever stamp. I will provide envelopes.

When you receive your returns, please post in the thread and leave ‘you rocks’ for the artist whose twinchies you receive. If you feel that I’ve done a good job as host, please leave an iTrader for me.

Who is ready for shimmering, glistening frozen twinchies?
1. fundygirl - twinchies arrived
2. Donnacr - twinchies arrived
3. Suzi - twinchies arrived

11-27-2022, 12:04 AM
Please sign me up for this! I love the snow. Well, actually, I love it when it's snowing. Once it's stopped and I've finished oohing and aahing over the peaceful blanket that lasts only a few minutes, then I'm ready for it to go away. But I think on the twinchies, it will be really beautiful all the time. :)

12-02-2022, 06:04 AM
Living in Queensland, Australia - there is no likelihood of snow, even when I lived in Melbourne (much further south) we might get a frost, but no snow.
For the 2 years we spent in far north China there was LOTS of snow (-20C for months on end, we would consider 0C almost 'tropical':wubclub:)- but I didn't have to clean it up or do anything except enjoy it. My favourite season is still Winter.

My snowy Twinchies may not be factual but they will be my fantasy snow :D please sign me up!

12-03-2022, 02:05 PM
I love snow! It is true that if you don't have to clean it up or clear a driveway it's more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to your snowy twinchies!

12-16-2022, 08:57 PM
Please sign me up! I will be mailing them tomorrow!

12-26-2022, 02:44 PM
Suzie - your twinchies arrived!!

12-30-2022, 04:41 AM
My Twinchies will be in the mail tomorrow. The snowflake on the first Twinchie is actually the same die cut as the snowflake on the 3rd Twinchie but doesn't show well due to being cut from silver holographic paper. :(
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12-30-2022, 10:31 AM
They are pretty, Donnacr

12-30-2022, 10:48 AM
thanks Suzi, they were fun to make

01-05-2023, 03:25 AM
Twinchies will be heading out tomorrow.

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01-12-2023, 08:02 PM
fundygirl - your twinchies arrived yesterday

01-18-2023, 01:37 AM
Donna - your twinchies are here.

02-14-2023, 09:33 PM
My cards arrived this afternoon! Off to leave feedback now!

02-15-2023, 02:53 AM
Mine arrived today, too! Ironically, we also had real snow this morning. Guess the weather was just preparing me for my returns! :)

02-20-2023, 11:22 AM
Great! I'm glad they are arriving. As you probably noticed, I joined the swap so I did not keep a hostie. Therefore, everyone got the same number of twinchies that you sent. That does mean that you received 2 from one of the artists.

03-08-2023, 07:47 AM
My gorgeous Twinchies arrived on Friday. Many thanks to the wonderful people who sent me sparkling pieces to treasure - Haagmm, fundygirl and Suzi.

Thanks to our Host for this fun series

off to give points to all