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11-30-2022, 02:11 PM
Due date: February 14
Signup/withdrawal date: February 8
Number of Participants: 22
Number of dolls: 3/3
Media: Cloth, thread, paint, beads, ribbon, etc!!

Dotee dolls are the brainchild of Dorothy Christian. They have lightly stuffed cloth bodies of simple shapes, with no legs or arms. They have a loop at the top for hanging, and a decorative “tail” of beads, tassels, ribbon streamers, etc. They also have a disk shape for a painted or embroidered face. It can be sewn on or glued on, made of felt, fabric, thin wood or clay. They should measure around 3”-4”, excluding hanger and tail.

Some cute examples can be found on Pinterest, or even our own AFA gallery. I will also post my own little samples below. These should be VALENTINE-themed, so reds and pinks (plus other colors if you like), hearts, lace, etc! Please join me in the creation of these fun little dolls!

- Please place each doll in a snack size baggie and include your username on the Doll.
- Please include an address label and $5 to cover returns postage.
- International players, please include funds equal to what it cost you to mail in US currency, plus your address label.
- Mail in a small box or a bubble envelope, and I will re-use to send your returns.
- pictures of finished creations are excitedly encouraged!

PLEASE REMEMBER to leave reps when you receive your returns. Mail art always takes more applied effort than an ATC.


1. Notinkansas - RECEIVED
2. jfaskdown - Withdrawn
3. Fandanie - Withdrawn
4. An. M. Sudyko - RECEIVED
5. Makitso - RECEIVED
6. Juju - Withdrawn
7. Bluesky - RECEIVED
8. TrinaLD - Withdrawn
9. Mushu - RECEIVED
10. Chimerix - RECEIVED
11. Huddlestonmollie - RECEIVED
12. Nanner - RECEIVED

11-30-2022, 07:50 PM
Here are some little examples:

11-30-2022, 10:05 PM
Pick me!!!!

11-30-2022, 10:18 PM
I'm in. Please sign me up! :D

11-30-2022, 10:25 PM
Oh, count me as a lurker. Did you host a Dotee Doll swap before? Seems to me like I have a few dolls that sound like these - not Valentiney, though!

11-30-2022, 10:42 PM
Welcome Notinkansas and jfaskdown! Happy lurking , Trina! I think the last Dotee Doll Swap was hosted by Notinkansas a few years back. It was my first introduction to Dotees.

12-01-2022, 08:42 AM
I would love to play in this swap. Sign me up please

12-01-2022, 11:12 AM
Welcome to you, Fandanie!

An. M. Sudyka
12-01-2022, 07:57 PM
How clever! Just perfect for February. Sign me up, I'll swap.

12-01-2022, 08:07 PM

12-02-2022, 04:30 PM
Beginnings…I think her name is Eve! Bare bones but just wanted to post her start. And funny that I probably have a million beads but not the ones I want! Lol


12-02-2022, 04:38 PM
GREAT start! She looks wonderful, funny about the beads (I get it).

12-02-2022, 10:15 PM
She's really cute jfaskdown!

12-04-2022, 03:39 PM
Please add me! I have all this fabric, you see...

12-04-2022, 04:10 PM
Ha-ha, you MUST use it!! Signing you up now.

12-05-2022, 01:15 PM
Thanks, CiciCreates. Count me in as a definite!

12-05-2022, 02:43 PM
Please add me! :) I'd love to try my hand at this. I received one as a gift a long time ago and they are just adorable! :)

12-05-2022, 03:12 PM
Happy to add you, Juju. Of course I have to agree that they are adorable. They are also fun to make!

12-06-2022, 10:14 PM
Progress of Eve around her head. Do you decorate the backs of the dolls?

236639 236640

12-06-2022, 10:15 PM
Me add me!!!!!!!!!!

12-06-2022, 11:35 PM
Welcome Bluesky!

jfaskdown, Eve is looking wonderful! As far as decorating the back, I really didn’t consider that question. I would say it’s not necessary (cause I didn’t do mine - ha), but you could if you want to and have the time.

12-07-2022, 12:10 AM
TrinaLD, I missed your post to “count on you as a definite”. Since you were lurking before, I assume you are now signing up, so I’m doin’ it!

12-07-2022, 04:43 PM
I would love to join. Working on some ideas already.

12-07-2022, 05:00 PM
Welcome Mushu!

12-10-2022, 11:06 AM
I would love to play. I have only made a few dotee dolls, but I really enjoy it. Aloha

12-10-2022, 01:46 PM
Welcome, Chimerix!

12-13-2022, 11:04 AM
lurking...I hosted dottee doll swaps in the past, too. I have to see what kind of fabric I have on hand.

12-13-2022, 11:46 AM
Thanks for checking us out, Nancy! Welcome to lurk.

12-15-2022, 07:31 PM
I finished up my dotees today.


12-15-2022, 09:52 PM
I love them, Chimerix! You are the first to post pics of finished dolls, great inspiration!

12-16-2022, 03:42 PM
Hi Cici! Please sign me up. I've never made dotee dolls but it looks like fun!! Thanks!

12-16-2022, 03:47 PM
Welcome! I think you’ll find they are pretty simple to make, and the creative variety can be so surprising with the same basics of body, tail, hanging loop, and face!

12-19-2022, 11:53 PM
Chimerix, your adorable Dotees have landed safely!

12-28-2022, 11:58 AM
Eve is so beautiful. Great job. Setting high standards for all of us!

12-28-2022, 11:59 AM
Chimeric, your dolls are so sweet! Love them

12-28-2022, 02:47 PM
Eve is so beautiful. Great job. Setting high standards for all of us!

Oh hehe, thanks! I like bead embroidery so always seem to go a bit overboard! Here are some beaded dolls I've made.

236841 236842

12-28-2022, 03:58 PM
Wow, Jenn! Those are spectacular! So glad you posted that impressive picture. I can embroider, but with threads, not beads, never learned that. How big are they? Looks like this swap was perfect for you.

12-28-2022, 08:20 PM
The first doll I made, 'Zoe' is about 6" and is totally 3D (her back is also beaded). She took an extremely long time to finish. The second doll is about 4" and I used 90% recycled jewelry bits and beads. Beading is really therapeutic for me, I'm sure it's the same way with embroidery and other hand crafts. :)

12-29-2022, 12:49 PM
Wow, such great dolls already! I'm feeling a bit intimidated!

12-29-2022, 01:05 PM
Don’t feel that way, Trina! There can be many different styles with these little dolls. I love how different artists (my participants) can get them to look when what they all have in common is a soft-stuffed body, a round disk face, a “tail”, and a hanging loop. I plan to make more myself when I finish a few commitments, they are such fun to create!

12-30-2022, 12:12 PM
jfaskdown - Love Eve! Really adorable!!

12-31-2022, 12:40 AM
Thanks, Cici, I have some ideas tumbling about and some fabrics and a special note to accompany the dolls.

12-31-2022, 12:53 AM
Sounds great!

01-05-2023, 03:17 AM
Hello! I hope to have these finished and mailed soon, may i please have your address? :)

01-05-2023, 03:20 AM
All of the dolls shown are really pretty!

01-05-2023, 06:41 AM
I will PM you, Juju.

01-08-2023, 01:12 PM
How is everyone doing with your Dotees? After working toward finishing up some swap obligations, I was finally able to work on another Dotee Doll (I don’t think it will be my last)! Just doing the finishing touches and letting glue dry, picture coming soon.

01-09-2023, 05:30 PM
Here is my third Dotee. She has a bead tassel (which is kinda heavy), a felt hat with red organza flower, painted features on a cloth "yo-yo". That worked great, the other two faces were embroidered on a circle of felt.

01-09-2023, 11:45 PM
So adorable Cici!
Working on my first. Not quite happy with her after seeing your latest. Gotta step up my game!

01-10-2023, 12:45 AM
Well, thanks for the compliment, NIK, but your Dotees were my inspiration for this swap. So I know you’ve got this!

01-10-2023, 04:24 PM
CiCi - I absolutely love this doll!! Darling.

01-10-2023, 04:32 PM
CiCi - can we use rubber stamps for faces as long as they're painted or embroidered? Thanks!

01-10-2023, 04:41 PM
Here is my third Dotee. She has a bead tassel (which is kinda heavy), a felt hat with red organza flower, painted features on a cloth "yo-yo". That worked great, the other two faces were embroidered on a circle of felt.

What’s a yo-yo?

01-10-2023, 07:48 PM
Mollie, the answer is yes, to your rubber stamp question
Jez, good question, let’s see if I can answer it! It’s a term and technique used in many fabric crafts. A cloth circle is cut and then gathered around the edge. The thread is pulled tightly, resulting in a much smaller circle than the original cut-out. The new circular edge is pressed, and the side that is used depends on how the yo-yos are being used, whether we are looking at the smooth side (like I needed for the Dotee face) or the gathered side, which is more decorative. Usually several yo-yos are made for the craft involved. Sometimes they are stitched together side by side to make a quilt-like coverlet, or sometimes they are strung together to create arms and legs for art dolls, often clowns because of their many bright colors. I just wanted to try something a bit different than a felt circle, and was happy to see that this worked!

01-14-2023, 09:50 AM
Cici I've sent a private message explaining but I'm having to withdraw. :( I was soooooo excited about joining in the fun. Hopefully next time it'll work out that I can participate.

01-14-2023, 10:10 AM
CiciCreates, I'm sorry but I'm so waterlogged over here and trying to clean up from the never ending storms that I just can't get these finished in what I'd consider would be time. If the storms end and the clean up gets finished I'll see if I can rejoin.

Lots of great dotee dolls here!

01-14-2023, 12:22 PM
So disappointed here! I’ve sent you a message, Juju, and Trina, I won’t remove your name just yet, in hopes. About a week ago I did think I should extend the due date because of the timing with the holidays and all. I think I could change it myself in the swap description, but not in the listing, a moderator would need to do that for me. I’d be happy to ask, if that would help. What does everyone think about moving the due date forward about 7 days?

01-16-2023, 12:41 PM
I have no problem with extending the due date. Life happens and sometimes we just need some extra time.

01-17-2023, 12:44 AM
Ok all, this swap has been extended for 7 days, making a due date of Feb. 14 instead of Feb. 7. I hope that makes things a bit easier for everyone.

01-19-2023, 10:50 PM
Here is another Dotee from me, with a felt body and silk flower petals around embroidered face.

01-20-2023, 08:11 AM
Really adorable CiCi! I'm just about ready to start my 3rd doll.

01-20-2023, 01:06 PM
Oh great - Can’t wait to see her!

01-22-2023, 02:59 PM
Hi CiCi! My dolls are going in the mail tomorrow (Monday, 1/23). Here they are. These were such a blast to make. I can imagine they could become addictive. Thanks for always being such a wonderful host!


01-22-2023, 03:09 PM
They turned out so cute, Mollie! I’m glad you enjoyed making them, and thanks for posting the pictures!

01-25-2023, 12:35 PM
Lurking...Just saw this swap today. I'm not sure I have time to participate in this one, but please let me know if you host another Dotee Doll swap. They are such fun to make!

01-25-2023, 04:39 PM
I’m so sorry I didn’t message you! I thought about it….darn!

01-29-2023, 03:42 PM
My, we are so quiet on here! Busy creating?? Can’t wait to see!

01-29-2023, 05:31 PM
Mollie, your darling Dotees have arrived safely, thanks for the extra doll!

01-30-2023, 01:05 PM
I am putting the finishing touches on some dear Dotees so please sign me up. :D

01-30-2023, 01:26 PM
What a lovely surprise, you made my day!

01-30-2023, 07:19 PM
I'm glad they made it CiCi! You are welcome for the hostie and thanks for all the wonderful swaps you host!

01-30-2023, 08:40 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome, CiCi! Here are my little freckled-face dotee dollies. Made from some of my fave upcycled skellie hearts and flowers fabrics. Is your address the same these days?


01-30-2023, 08:45 PM
Yes, 146th Lane. Wonderful Dotees! So imaginative and creative, as usual.

01-31-2023, 01:55 AM
237495 Joey--received his first kiss on Valentine's Day!

237496 Amy was promoted from tooth fairy to Valentine fairy. Her parents are very proud.
237497 Miss Persimmon smiled only once each year--on Valentine's Day.

237498 The twins would find their elder sister's Valentine chocolate stash, yes, they would.

01-31-2023, 12:40 PM
Makitso, thanks for posting the pics! Love your wonderful dolls and their little stories!

01-31-2023, 04:20 PM
237507 237508 237509 237510
mine dotees are ready to go!

01-31-2023, 04:28 PM
Almost impossible to choose a favorite! Love them all. Will PM you my address now, just had to come here first to see!

01-31-2023, 06:49 PM
An.M.Sudyka , your little cuties have arrived! I will post pictures ASAP.

01-31-2023, 09:08 PM
Great dolls, all! So many lovely little cuties. NIK, that one with the red floral hairline has a secret for sure!

CiCi, my dollies are heading your way. There's an extra in there for you as a hostie gift of thanks. :D

02-01-2023, 06:57 PM
Here are the little cuties from An. M. Sudyka:

02-02-2023, 02:44 PM
mailed today!

02-02-2023, 11:29 PM
Bluesky and Nanner, your Valentine Dotees have arrived safely, thank you both for the host dolls!

02-02-2023, 11:52 PM
Yes post picture CiCiCreates. Glad they are there and you found a new friend.

02-02-2023, 11:58 PM
Will do Bluesky, sometime tomorrow.

02-03-2023, 03:55 PM
Here are the Dotees from Bluesky. Sorry, I have already claimed the one at top Right. Also, isn't that dragonfly a hoot?

02-03-2023, 03:59 PM
Gorgeous dolls BlueSky!

02-04-2023, 09:45 PM
I love the dragonfly! Well done Bluesky!

02-05-2023, 12:08 AM
Makitso, your wonderful creations have arrived. Thanks so much, I sent you a PM.

02-05-2023, 06:16 AM
I am going to have to drop out. I sprained my hand and it is very difficult to hold a needle or to do delicate work. I can tear and glue but I canít cut or punch my fingers together.

02-05-2023, 11:42 AM
No problem Fandanie, thanks for letting me know. I’m so sorry you sprained your hand, sprains seem to take their sweet time to heal so you can do things again.

02-06-2023, 09:58 AM
I apologize but I also must drop out, the past few weeks have been very busy at work, with travel thrown in. I started out strong with my first dotee but will not have time enough to finish. I’m so sorry! I love seeing what others posted. I hope to be able to participate in another one in the future.

02-06-2023, 11:25 AM
I understand Jenn. Too much stress is never good. We will miss your beautiful creativity here, but hope you check in now and then to follow us. Thanks for letting me know your situation.

02-07-2023, 01:13 AM
NIK, your wonderful Dotees are here, thanks for the extra!

02-07-2023, 09:28 PM
Bluesky - your dolls are awesome!!!

02-07-2023, 09:29 PM
Nanner - your dolls are darling!!

02-08-2023, 12:05 PM
Hi all! No more signups after today, and all dolls are in but Mushu’s, which I think are in the mail now. So I can swap out when they arrive. Mushu, don’t forget to take a picture, but if you do, I could take one for you when they arrive.

02-08-2023, 03:20 PM
Here are the pics of my dolls and they are in the mail and on the way already.

02-08-2023, 03:28 PM
OMG, they are all SO CUTE! Thanks for the pics, I will let you know when they arrive!

Everyone, do take a look at all the pictures posted, and click “like” if it really speaks to you. I do my best to match up recipients with what they would like.

02-09-2023, 01:35 AM
Mushu your dolls are so very cute!

02-09-2023, 08:18 PM
More sweet additions!

02-12-2023, 12:54 AM
Mushu, your dolls are here! They are all wonderful. Now I can swap out before the due date of the 14th, and I will keep you all updated. This will be a fun one to swap out!

02-13-2023, 04:06 PM
Ok, so all Dotees have been swapped out (just not packaged up yet). Wanted you all to know that everyone is getting 4 dolls instead of 3. One of our players requested not to receive returns, but wanted hers swapped out. Then, to make the numbers work equally, I traded 3 of mine without taking 3 in turn since I have so many host dolls. So anyway, I think it all worked out, and I’ll let you know when they are mailed. What wonderful creations from each of you!!

02-13-2023, 06:15 PM
What a kind gesture. Thank you both! :wubclub:

02-13-2023, 09:25 PM
So generous! Thank you!

02-15-2023, 03:35 PM
Just mailed all the cute Dotees! Everyone should receive their little package by Tuesday, 2/21, and I did get tracking for each one. Thanks so much for your participation, and please remember to leave reps when you receive your dolls.

02-17-2023, 06:29 PM
I just received my precious Dotee dolls! I was wondering why I got four and then went into the thread and saw CiCi's recent post. They are all adorable and what a sweet surprise to get four! Such a generous thing to do and I appreciate it so much. Thanks to notinkansas, Bluesky, nanner, and An.M.Sudyka for beautiful work. I'm going to hang these cuties in different spots in my craft room. They will make me very happy. A special thanks to CiCi for always hosting such fun and interesting swaps! I'm off to leave iTrader and you rocks. Thanks again everyone!

02-17-2023, 07:43 PM
Two days from AZ to IL - not bad!! Thanks for reporting.

02-19-2023, 01:19 PM
Sweet Valentine Dotee's have landed! Big thanks to our fabulous and generous hostess CiCi. I'm enjoying my new art from NIK, Mushu, An M Sudyka and Makitso! :wubclub:

02-21-2023, 04:05 PM
Love the wonderful Dotee's I received on Saturday from CiciCiciCreates, huddleston mollie, chimerix, An.M.Sudyka. I love every one of them.

02-22-2023, 12:23 PM
My darling Dotees are here!!! A big thanks to CiCi for hosting this fun swap. Off to leave reps for the fab dollies I received.

02-22-2023, 01:43 PM
My dotees arrived at their new home. I'm off to leave feedback. Aloha everyone!

02-23-2023, 02:21 PM
Thanks everyone, for reporting in. I’ve heard from almost all of you now, and will probably archive this swap in a week or so …..I almost hate to see it end!

03-02-2023, 08:52 PM
Before I send this swap to Archives, I just wanted to thank all my participants for making this a really fun experience, thank you everyone!