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12-30-2008, 07:46 AM
hiya everyone
i love getting bags of beads in the mail but i know how expenisve sending LARGE bags of beads can be.

The way this works is as follows: I'll send a bag of beads ( baggies or those small zip lock bags are amazing!) in an envelope to the next person who signs up after me. That person will then send an envelope full of beads to the person who signs up after him/her, and so on and so on!

Important Guidelines:
Do not chat in the thread!
The reccomended size for the bags is about 3 x 3inches this is just a guideline , you can go a little larger or smaller it does not need to be exact
Envelopes should be sent out within 10 days of being claimed.
Please leave iTrader ratings for the person who sent you the envelope full of images.
Send your envelope before claiming another.
Minimum iTrader rating of 3 to participate.
When you post your claim in the thread, please write "I would like USERNAME's images. Who wants mine?" (where USERNAME is the person above you). This will help us all see what is going on and who is next.

who wants one from me?:jiggy:

:policeman:Pm the user who is above you to claim their bag as soon as you sign up:policeman:

12-31-2008, 08:31 AM
ILL take one from you amanda
anyone for some of mine