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What kind of images can I upload to the gallery?

Art for sale - ACEO's etc.

You may post images of ACEOs or art that is for sale as they are representative of your work. However, no reference to a sale or where they are for sale may be made and no links offered. Additionally, the items should be clearly marked "Not Available for Trade" or simply "Traded". The words ACEO, Etsy, Sale or Sold should not appear any where in the description.

Types of files

Jpeg files work the best for uploading to the gallery. A size of 8-12 kb will be of sufficient size.

  • Regular members have a limit of 200 images in their gallery.
  • AFA Friends have a limit of 500 images in their gallery.
  • How do I upload images to my gallery?

    To upload images from your computer, do the following:
    1. Click on Gallery
    2. When the page opens, Click on Upload
    3. When the page opens, under Category select the one you want
    4. Click Continue
    5. When the page opens click Browse, select the picture from your PC
    6. Click open to add it
    7. Add your title and a description
    8. Then click upload.

    How do I move a Picture from one category to another?

    To Move a Picture from one category to another, do the following:
    1. Click on the picture you wish to edit
    2. When it opens in it's own window, select Edit
    3. A new window will open,
    4. In the Category box, choose which category from the drop down.
    5. Then click continue, a new page will open
    6. Click Save.

    How do I link an image from my computer into a forum post?

    This type of image is referred to as an attachment. To upload an attachment, do the following:
    1. Click Go Advanced instead of Post Quick reply
    2. When new screen opens, scroll down to the Manage Attachments Button
    3. Click on it, a new screen will open
    4. Click on Browse to find the picture you wish to attach on your computer, then click Upload
    5. The File will upload and show a little icon
      (Or add an address from a URL File and then click Upload)
    6. Click on the paper clip and your image will be added to your post.
    You can then preview your post or click Submit Reply

    How do I link a picture from my gallery into a forum post?

    This is the simplest way to link a picture from your gallery into a forum post, do the following:
    1. Open your gallery and select the picture you wish to copy
    2. Place your cursor over the picture and right click your mouse.
    3. Select Copy
    4. Go to the forum post you would like to post to and in the reply box right click mouse and select paste
    5. Complete your post as usual.
    Your photo should now appear in your post. (Works best for Internet Explorer.)

    Depending on which browser you are using, there are a few ways to link a picture from your gallery into a forum post.

    You can find other methods to link a picture from your gallery into a forum post in this Sticky note at the top of the Site Support Forum: HOW TO? - Want to know 'How To?' Check here first!

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