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How Should I Use iTrader?

The iTrader system is used only to rate mailed trades. Please use the system properly, as indicated in this FAQ, so that the ratings are a proper reflection of accurate trading status. iTrader points should be given for all swaps and trades.

Host: Person hosting the swap-leaves iTrader for participants
Player: Participant in a swap-leaves iTrader for the host ONLY! (Except for a PAT, see below)
Trader: Person completing a 1 on 1 personal trade

A member should leave an iTrader Rating for the other person in:
-Regular Swap -(Cards/items are mailed to the Host)-iTrader for the Host and Rep Points for the players you receive cards/items from
-Pick A Theme (PAT) Choose A Theme (CAT) -iTrader for each person in your group and the Host
Each member of a PAT/CAT will give you an iTrader rating. This means that if you flake or go MIA in this type of swap, you will receive a negative iTrader from EACH of them. Note also that two negative iTrader ratings will require you to go before Staff and could result in your being suspended, so please be sure you are able to fulfill your commitment before signing up
-Personalized Swaps -with no withdrawal swap is mailed to the Host (You make an item for each person) -iTrader for each player and the Host.
-Personalized Swaps -with no withdrawal players mail directly to each other-iTrader for each player and Rep Points for the Host
-Personalized Swaps - with withdrawal allowed iTrader for the Host, Rep Points for players
- One-On-One Trade - each partner to each other. In a personal trade (1-on-1) you are encouraged to negotiate when cards are due to be sent
- Decos - leave one for each person in your group and Rep Points for the Host
- Circle Journal Partners/Book Journals - to each other, but leave Rep Points for the Group Leader since page spreads are mailed to each other and not the Host.
- PIF (Play It Forward) - Leave a iTrader for the person that sent you a card/item
For example:
PIFs should be given iTrader - Because someone has agreed to make you a card and you have agreed to make someone else a card/item (even though they aren't the same person, it is still a commitment.)
-Round Robins and JAMS (Art) - iTrader to all artists in your group
- PAR (Pass A Round) - Players leave iTrader for the person who mailed to them. The Host will be entitled to leave a negative iTrader for any player who doesn't pass the PAR on in the allotted time frame.
-Supply Trades - (non Art) PIFs, One on Ones, Swaps

Wish Lists & RAKS: These are considered "gifts", so we DO NOT leave iTrader for them, use the Reputation Points system to thank members.

How To Leave iTrader:
1. You can access a person's iTrader system through their profile or by clicking their iTrader rating that appears in the header of their posts in any of the forums.

2. Please indicate the type of swapper that you are: Host, Player or Trader (see above for definitions).

3. Please indicate the rating that you will be giving the person.

Positive: You received the cards within reasonable time and in good condition.

Neutral: Cards were very late and there was very little communication regarding lateness.
The participant did not follow guidelines for swap regarding technique/construction of card or any other aspect of the swap guidelines.
The participant did not send in cards for a regular swap and did not withdraw.
The participant withdrew after the withdrawal date and the host had specified that neutrals would be given for this in the swap rules.
Note: This last example pertains only to swaps where a withdrawal date has been posted. And to Chunky Book swaps or any swap where people make one item for each member of the group.

Negative: You did not receive any cards and you did send your cards. OR, the participant did not send in cards for a PAT swap.

4. Write a short comment where indicated. This comment will be viewable by all.

5. You can use the larger comment area to leave a private note to the trader if you wish. This will not be viewable by anyone but the recipient.

Due to the inconsistent delivery time for mail to reach its destination, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery and communicate with the other trader before leaving iTrader.

*** Important if you plan to leave a neutral or negative rating:
Please note that all reasonable steps should be taken by both parties in a trade to ensure the success of that trade. Neutral or negative itraders should only be a last resort. If you are unhappy with the trade for whatever reasons, you should PM the other person with a clear explanation of why you are unhappy so that they are given an opportunity to correct it.

Swap Host Ratings
Just as artists aren't rated on the artistic merits of their cards but on trade issues such as communication and prompt mailing, swap hosts can only be rated on measurable issues such as these:
- updating of threads regularly, at least once each week
- sending cards on time
- packing cards appropriately (i.e. no taping over cards without sleeves)

iTrader for players removed from a Moley group:
-If someone worked in a player's moley, and the player DIDN'T do theirs, they should receive a Negative until they mail pages, the rating will then be changed to a Neutral.
-If a player holds up a moley for more than 2 weeks past the mail out dead line, the moley owner or the Group Leader can give neutral at their discretion.

Negative iTrader in PIFs:
When a time limit has been set for a item to be accepted or changed, the thread starter may issue a negative rating for any player who holds up the thread by not offering another item.

PAT cards lost in the mail and Itrader:
If a PAT player has posted the images of their cards to the swap thread or their gallery and their cards are lost in the mail, a negative iTrader should not be given.
The players does have to remake the lost cards and complete the trades with the players in their group(s) as personal trades.
The details of the trade are to be worked out between the players*.
*This allows the lost cards player the ability to work out a time line to complete the trades, so they don't over burden themselves.
It also allows the players in the group the ability to "forgive" the trade and not make the lost cards player recreate their lost card.
amended 12/2013

Examples of what to say when giving Neutral iTrader:
- "Cards received for personal swap were not what was agreed upon or expected"
- "Cards received for personal swap were very late and communication was poor"
- "Player did not follow guidelines for swap regarding postage and SASE"
- "Player did not follow guidelines for swap regarding technique/construction of card"
- "Player stated she had 'already mailed cards' for group swap on 3 occasions, but never showed proof of completed cards".
- "Host mailed group swap cards four weeks or more after swap ending date. "

Examples of what to say when giving Negative iTrader:

- "Cards from group swap were never received by any participants"
- "Host is one month late in mailing returns, has not updated the thread"
- "Host did not send the correct number of cards to me and refused to correct the error"
- "Personal swap never followed through, swapper ignored my PM's"
- "Personal swap was requested and I sent my cards, they never sent cards in return"
- "Trader kept promising to send cards, but never followed through after 6 PMs"

* Rep Points:
- can be left for people that have sent a RAK or are a Wish List grantor.
- Participant to Participant in an Organized Swap

* Members whose cards are returned to them by the Host may not 'retaliate' with poor feedback for the host.

* If you have received a negative rating for a swap or trade that was not deserved, please send a private message to an administrator or a moderator for review.

* DO NOT leave iTrader ratings for trades not made at

I Don't Deserve that Negative Rating! What Do I Do Now?

Swap Players Rating Hosts:
-You should only give a Negative rating to a Host if you never receive cards from a swap after 4 weeks and there has been no communication from the Host.

Swap Hosts Rating Players:
Hosts should only give a Negative rating to a player if:
- cards for a PAT were never received and there was no communication
Hosts should only give a Neutral rating to a player if:
- cards were not received by the due date for swaps and there was no communication.

For personal trades, cards must be sent within 30 days of the acceptance of a trade unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to between two traders.

If you have received a negative rating for a swap or trade that was not deserved, please send a private message to an administrator or a moderator for review.

Can a Negative iTrader be changed if the trade is finally completed?


Negatives are intended ONLY for trades that have not been completed. We know that our lives sometimes get hectic and it is possible to fall behind. If someone has received a negative iTrader and after some time makes good on the trade, the negative will be changed to a neutral.

One of the traders should contact staff when the trade has been completed. At that time staff will change the negative to a neutral with a notation similar to "Negative changed to a neutral. Item rec'd _____ months late."

Can Someone Be Banned for Negative iTrader Ratings?

Yes. We are very strict at concerning trading commitments. If you do not fulfill your trading commitments then you will be asked to leave.

When a member receives their first negative rating they will be sent a warning letter.

If a member receives two (2) or more negative iTrader ratings, the Staff will review the ratings (we understand that miscommunication is possible) and come to a decision on whether or not the member will be banned from the site or placed on Probation.

Failure to respond to PMs and email sent by Administrators or Moderators will be an automatic suspension.

Sister Site Ratings

- If a member of AFA earns a negative iTrader while trading at AFA, that negative will also "count" at IATCs, just as regular iTrader points count when applying to swaps that require a minimum iTrader needed, such as PATs, Moleys, and Circle Journals.
- If a member of IATCS earns a negative iTrader while trading at IATCS, that negative will also "count" at AFA, just as regular iTrader points count when applying to swaps that require a minimum iTrader needed, such as PATs, Moleys, and Circle Journals.

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