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Rules for Social Groups
  • Social Groups must adhere to our Terms of Service (TOS). We consider the group postings to be part of the AFA forums and so, they are subject to moderation and rules like all other forums. To see our terms of service, please click here:
  • Social Groups will be self-managed for the most part. Staff will moderate the groups but daily operation and adherence to the TOS will be left up to the leaders of individual social groups. The person who started the group will be considered the Group Leader and will be responsible for ensuring that their group adheres to the TOS. If Group Leaders have problems with certain members or notice any disturbing messages, they are to report the concern to an AFA Moderator.
  • To start a Social Group (and subsequently become the Group Leader), you must have been a member of AFA for 3 months and have a positive iTrader of +15. Members with infractions and/or official warnings within the last year are not permitted to start social groups. Social groups must be open to all members (no invite-only groups).
  • Please do not run swaps in the Social Groups. This is not allowed under any circumstances. All swaps must run in the Open or Active forums. If you'd like to discuss and arrange your swap within your Social Group and then post to the Open Forums (or request a move to Active) when it's sorted, that is acceptable. You are welcome to arrange private trades between yourselves in the Social Groups.
  • Groups must be conducted in English, for moderating purposes.
  • Groups that do not adhere to the TOS will receive one warning by staff. If they continue to refuse to abide by the TOS, then the entire group will be deleted.
  • Social Groups must be art related. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you would like to discuss private topics, please use Skype or MSN. This is an art site and we would prefer that our focus is on art. Groups like Artists with Depression are of course acceptable since they relate to the effect depression has on our art. Please do not create groups for social chat. We ask that you use MSN or some other program for personal conversations. Social groups that continually show they have little or no relation to art will be deleted in their entirety.
  • Social Groups that have no activity for 30 days will be deleted.
To access social groups:

Social groups to not show up in the normal forums. You can access them by going into your User CP and clicking on the "Social groups" link.

Or, you can go directly here to visit the social groups page:

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