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    Exclamation Circle Journal Guidelines

    Welcome to Circle Journals!

    What is a circle journal?
    Briefly, a circle journal is a sort of art scrapbook in which many artists contribute pages or two-page spreads. Traditionally, a number of artists would create a group in which each would make a journal dedicated to a specific theme (or none at all, leaving page design to each artist's choice). At intervals chosen by the group, each artist would mail the journal to the next artist on the list, in a circle or round robin fashion. With the last mailing of the cycle, each of the journals would once again be in its owner's hands, now filled with beautiful art by the other members of the group.

    Circle Journal Groups at AFA
    Mailing entire journals each month can be costly. When members experience a crisis of some kind, it's possible for mailings to go off schedule. Finally, journals filled with beautiful artwork can be lost (or damaged) by the postal service or a member who goes MIA (missing in action.)

    For that reason, Circle Journal groups function as page trades. Each member chooses a theme, and at appropriate intervals, members mail individual pages or spread to each other.

    CJ Policies
    1. Groups will be composed of no more than six people in each.
    2. Group members may join no more than two circle journal groups at a time.
    3. To join a group, you must have a trader rating of +15 and have successfully participated in three swaps. If the Board changes these guidelines, this post will be edited to reflect the new requirements.
    4. To host a group, see CJ Hosting Guidelines, below.

    Circle journals are tremendous fun! Visit the Gallery to view the wonderful art members have created for each other's journals. Then, when you can't wait any longer - jump in!
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    Circle Journal Hosting Guidelines

    Anyone that wants to start their own Journal Group may do so, as long as they meet the requirements and these will be treated the same as Swaps here on this site.

    1. You must meet these requirements before you are allowed to start a Journal Group.

    - The member:
    ----- must have an iTrader rating of +15 minimum
    ----- must have hosted (5) Swaps
    ----- be an active member on the site.
    These swaps require a long-term commitment and we do not want to lose anyone's pages due them. Also, this is to give our Hosts the additional experience needed to handle a swap this long in duration. No exceptions.

    - It is the Host's responsibility to PM members who seem to be lagging behind in posting weekly and/or completing and mailing pages. If Hosts do not keep up with the members of their swap, AFA staff will assist.

    - These groups require a dedication of both time and money (for shipping costs, for materials, etc). Please do not sign up to host if you are not sure you can provide both.

    2. Most journals are 2-page SPREADS and "6x6" or 8x8". We have a number of articles, hints and tips on construction.

    3. The Group Leader is responsible for:
    -getting complete contact information for each member (real name, street address, mailing address if different, telephone numbers, email, etc.)
    -arranging and posting the mailing dates
    -pairing partners for each month of the rotation according to the format here #3
    -posting each month's pairings
    -checking to see that members are actively posting to thread, sending reminders when needed.
    -checking to see that members post the pages before mailing them
    -posting when pages are mailed by each member
    -posting when pages are received from each member

    - If a player gets behind and the circle members are uncomfortable about leaving a negative iTrader, the Host shall, after notification to AFA staff of their intent, leave a negative iTrader for the delinquint player upon approval from AFA staff provided that the player:
    - has not responded to PM's from the Host despite logging in at AFA
    - has not posted to the thread for (2) weeks

    4. We mail our 2 page spreads to each individual directly, like a PICK A THEME swap. This means that you will have mailing partners each month, each month to the next name down the list until the circle is complete. This will save postage costs and heartaches due to a whole journal getting lost. People list their "theme" and page spreads are done for each person in the group.
    For example:
    Group Leaders set up monthly partners:

    * A & B - 1st Month.
    * C & D - 1st Month.
    * A & C - 2nd Month.
    * B & D - 2nd Month, etc.
    Rotation Template in post #3

    5. Media: These circles are set up by different media.
    * Fabric Groups: Due to the time needed to make pages, fabric pages are ONE page, art on the front and the back is usually the place to add info about yourself.

    6. Limited sign ups for first-time participants. Individuals new to circle journals at can only sign up for one journal group initially. After the successful completion of their group, they are welcome to sign up for multiple groups but must check with a Moderator before signing up for more than three(3).

    7. Please ask questions BEFORE you sign up.

    8. Because these are treated the same as Pick-A-Themes (PAT) each person that completes a spread is entitled to a TRADER RATING. Likewise, if a person does not fulfill their obligation to their partner a Negative Rating is posted if one partner sends and is received, but never received a spread from their partner.

    Journal Group Participants
    As a participant, you are required to
    --check in with your Journal Group at least once a week
    --report to group when you will be away from net or out of town and where you stand on spreads at that time
    --report when pages are mailed (it is suggested that you photograph the stamped envelope containing the page with the recipient's address for verification of mailing)
    --report when you receive a spread and from whom
    --notify the group and your partner if you cannot mail on time
    --notify your next trading partner, if you fall behind, not to create or mail a page for you until you are caught up.

    Note: If you do not post to your group thread or to a Group Host for more than two (2) weeks, the Group Host may report you to the Moderators and your membership in the Circle Journals will go on suspension. Your name will be taken off the rotation and pages will not be sent to you. NO EXCEPTIONS. We expect active participation in all the groups.

    * You will be notified to PM your Journal Group Host with your FULL contact information (Name, mailing address, email address, and all telephone numbers).

    * A Start Date is selected either by your Journal Group Host or there may be discussion in your group.

    * Delivery Confirmation Numbers (for USA) on packages are no longer mandatory for page spreads, but if you do use them, post the # in the group thread.
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    ............................6 player journal rotation

    1st month----2nd month-----3rd month-----4th month----5th month

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