Lists for Individual Trades

Want more inchies or dominoes or skinnies or art dolls? Consider starting a special thread where you and other artists can Ďadvertiseí for the art you want to collect.

I adapted the format below from the one I created when I began the Happy Bookers page trading thread. It has become such a popular and convenient way for artists to add the desired themes or items to their mail art collections that Iíve seen it copied to other threads and even other art sites!

You are invited to use the format below for your own specialty threads on ATCsforALL. Simply cut and paste the post including copyright info and insert it into the opening post of your thread. Iíve left blanks to make it easier for you. You may want to replace the listing example with one requesting a domino, inchy, or whatever you would like to trade.

Note: please pm me if you wish to use this post on another art site.

LIST: 1-1 ________ Trades

If you would like to collect more _______, why not sign up below to invite individual trades? You can always add to your collection by means of an organized swap, but this thread will allow you to choose the theme, colours, etc., that you prefer.

How does this thread work?
It works as a clearinghouse - rather like an online dating service. You create your Ďadí listing what you would like. Others read your ad and contact you to arrange a trade. The two of you work out the details any way you wish and youíre in business!

What you must do:
1. Prepare your listing.
2. Consider what you want or donít want:
- Are there any art techniques you want to encourage - or exclude?
- Do you want to add art that is openly religious, edgy, suggestive, political, or irreverent - or not?
3. Note pertinent info: theme, size, number of items you want from each artist, your country (to check postage costs).
4. Decide whether you are willing to accept an international trade or want to keep the mailings within your own country only.
5. Consider whether there are any requirements or restrictions you wish to make to the trade. (For example, if you want to mail out at the same time or want items to be packaged in a particular way, etc)
6. Post your listing here as an invitation to other artists to trade with you!

Then what?
Everyone is free to browse the listings. When you find one that interests you, send a private message to the person and arrange the trade details between the two of you, just as you would for any 1-1 trade. Thatís all there is to it!

Not sure how to word your listing?
Be sure to include
-your name and country,
-the theme you want, if any
-specific details (size, special materials to use, binding, quantity, or any other info an artist would need to create the item)
-what you will accept (techniques, styles, etc.)
-what you do not want (themes, techniques, styles, etc. you do not want to receive)
-restrictions: time limitations, quantity willing to trade, etc.
-countries you will mail to: International or specific country/ies
-comments (other information that will help artists create art youíll love receiving)

Hereís a sample adapted from the Happy Bookers list of journal page trades:
ďJean: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Theme: Rain
Details: 8x8 journal, 2-page spread per artist (one to include artist info)
Accepting: All techniques, as long as original work neatly done
Not accepting: work that is religious, political, edgy.
Restrictions: I ask that traders mail out the same day I do, not before.
International welcome! (or, "Sorry, I am only able to trade in UK" or wherever)
Comments: I love the rain...Ē

So, what are you waiting for?
Post your listing and invite artists to trade with you!

Got questions? Send me a pm!
@jean porche 2008