Want to get involved in circle journaling? Itís easy!

First, read the Circle Journal Guidelines in the Sticky note in this forum to be sure you meet the requirements for hosting. If you do not, use your powers of persuasion to interest an AFA friend to do the hosting duties!

When you are ready, think about the kind of cj group you wish to host.
- Do you want to host a watercolour, acrylic, hand-drawn/painted, collage, fabric, or other journal?
- What size pages do you wish to work with?

Requirements at AFA limit cj groups to six people, so there will be a five-month commitment. While recognizing that life gets in the way occasionally, be prepared to commit to five months of oversight. The guidelines outline the responsibilities of both host and participant, so familiarize yourself with them.

When you are satisfied that you are ready....begin a new thread in the forum.

Use this title format:
(Technique/medium) CJ Group Forming! OPEN FOR SIGN-UPS!

In your post, introduce your vision for the group. Tell the kind of group and size of pages. Begin your list of six members, with yourself as leader at top.

As member post their desire to join the group, get their information from them (see sticky note) and add their name to your numbered list in post 1 of your thread. This way interested people will know how many openings are left, and so will you. Discuss the name of your group, if you havenít decided on the name already.

When your group is filled, begin a new thread. Post the monthly rotation and group name. When your group is approved, you will be assigned a number and your thread will be visible to the membership.

See? It's easy! Questions? Just pm me or another mod!