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Thread: 2016 Contest Themes, Entry Periods, and Winners

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    2016 Contest Themes, Entry Periods, and Winners

    This will be the list of all the themes and entry windows for the Monthly ATC Contests for 2016.

    I will open threads for each month's contest so we can have the normal chit-chat.

    FAB prizes have been donated by art supply companies and ATCsForAll Members!! Be sure to check the monthly contest to see what great prizes are offered.

    Remember ANY original ATC sized art in any media (HD/HP/collage/mixed media/fabric/digital/photography/etc) is eligible for entry.

    To enter, submit no more than one (1) ATC entry in the selected theme to "" in standard jpg format (No less than 150 dpi please).

    Can't stress this enough - Please note the following! - so your card gets listed in the contest come voting time!

    1. send your card as a jpg to
    2. Please be sure to include your AFA username when submitting the entry.
    3. be sure to send a large enough picture (at least 150 dpi) pictures posted for voting are 250 pixels wide - larger is fine - smaller pictures won't show the art at it's best
    4. You are NOT entered until you receive an email response from me. If you don't hear back, please get in touch!

    Please no watermarks or signatures on the front of the image as we are trying to keep all entries anonymous to better the contest experience. All members are welcome to participate.*

    Please refrain from posting your entries (or cards that look like your entry) into the contest gallery until after the voting has occurred. Once we have announced the winner of the contest feel free to upload it and claim your card!

    *No participant can win more than one prize per year - the year will run from Jan 1 thru Dec 31. You are still welcome to play but once you win, your card is ineligible for voting till the next year.

    January 2016 -
    Theme: Woodland Creatures
    Entry Window: 1/1 - 1/31
    1st Place: Ainslee
    2nd Place: mcgillisj

    February 2016 -
    Theme: Penguins
    Entry Window: 2/1 - 2/28
    1st Place: Empress_Dragon
    2nd Place: poisonivy007

    March 2016 -
    Theme: Big Eyed Art
    Entry Window: 3/1 - 3/31
    1st Place: Dragonalloy
    2nd Place: Wooper

    April 2016 -
    Theme: Whimsical Landscape
    Entry Window: 4/1 - 4/30
    1st Place: Shahzaadee
    2nd Place: Cam1256

    May 2016 -
    Theme: Mushrooms
    Entry Window: 5/1 - 5/31
    1st Place: Noodlerabbit88
    2nd Place: redlionspride

    June 2016 -
    Theme: On the Shore/At the Beach
    Entry Window: 6/1 - 6/30
    1st Place: Joarty1
    2nd Place: crfarywngs

    July 2016 -
    Theme: Mermaids
    Entry Window: 7/1 - 7/31
    1st Place: GypsySpirit
    2nd Place: jjhere

    August 2016
    Theme: Cats
    Entry Window: 8/1 - 8/31
    1st Place: Pochadiva
    2nd Place: Aginghippiechic

    September 2016
    Theme: Faces
    Entry Window: 9/1 - 9/30
    1st Place: Egglebeggle
    2nd Place: emrob

    October 2016
    Theme: Tiny Houses
    Entry Window: 10/1 - 10/31
    1st Place: Q-ni
    2nd Place: Lizzzabell

    November 2016
    Theme: Abstracts
    Entry Window: 11/1 - 11/30
    1st Place: BluSkyHare
    2nd Place: Fullmoonartist

    December 2016
    Theme: Fish
    Entry Window: 12/1 - 12/31
    1st Place: CosmicBones
    2nd Place: kailavmp
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    Looks awesome, Deb! It will be a fun creative 2016!
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    I'm just bummed dogs didn't get enough votes to get in! Next year, I may have to make an executive decision LOL

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