Entry Window: June 1 to June 30, 2017 by Midnight Eastern Time.
Email entries to:

This month’s theme will be...


Any media - collage, drawn, painted, mixed media, photos, fabric, digital, ...your choice.


First Place - Nifty label by your name, showcase on the AFA home page, and a surprise treasure trove of prizes selected just for you!

Second place
- Show case on the AFA home page a special selection of art goodies chosen just for you!

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To enter this month's contest, submit no more than one (1) ATC (SIZE MUST BE 2.5 x 3.5 inches, either portrait or landscape) entry in the selected theme to "" in standard jpg format (No less than 150 dpi please).

Submissions must be received by the date posted at the top under "Entry Window".


1. Send your card as a jpg to

2. Include your AFA username with your entry. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Images should be at least 150 dpi. Should measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, portrait or landscape. MAKE SURE YOUR CARD IS THE RIGHT SIZE!

4. NO watermarks or signatures on the front of the image as we are trying to keep all entries anonymous to better the contest experience. All members are welcome to participate. (*No participant can win more than one prize per year - the year will run from Jan 1 thru Dec 31. You are still welcome to play but once you win, your card is ineligible for voting till the next year.)

5. Do NOT post your entries in the gallery, Facebook, or on the web until after the contest ends (those posting prior to the end date will be disqualified from competition.) Once we have announced the winner of the contest feel free to upload it and claim your card!

6. Art MUST be your own original work.

7. You will receive a confirmation email when your entry is received. If you do not get an email you are NOT entered. If you have not received a confirmation after 48 hours, PM debs913. DO NOT RESEND YOUR ENTRY EMAIL if you don't hear from me right away. If I need you to resend, I will let you know.

8. To avoid possible disqualification for vote solicitation it is highly recommended that entrants refrain from posting about the contest while voting is running. And if you admire someone's work and think you recognize it, wait until voting ends to post public compliments!

9. A FREE TIP--The better your scan or photo of your artwork is the better it will look in the contest! Take the time to make sure it is lined up square, cropped, bright enough, and in focus.

Please send all questions about status of your card as a pm - All messages to the thread referring to a specific card will be deleted to keep within the rules of the contest to keep ALL cards anonymous.