So I'm cleaning out my supplies and I have so much stuff that I've just... Collected over the years.
I also happen to have a ton of padded envelopes.
So here's the deal...
I need to get rid of all this crafting stuff. I will stuff these envelopes full with paper, stickers, glitter, glitter glue, ribbon, ect....

I'm looking for the following in exchange for them

At least 3 ATCs of my characters (I might be willing to trade for 1 or 2 depending. I just like to have 3 from every artist that I collect them from)
I have anthro and humanoid characters.
I have feral pony and feral Asian dragon characters.
I don't remember if the links show up on here or not, hence why I'm not linking them.

I might be interested in other art as well, I just honestly would like traditional art of my characters to add to my wall <3

I will post pictures of the packages once I've sorted everything out. I'm still working on everything.
They might also come with extra goodies like jewelry, foam board, blank ATCs. Ect....

If you're interested feel free to either comment below with examples of your art or shoot me a message and we can talk things out.

I know this looks like an empty account. I promise I'm not new here. My old account got deleted because I wasn't active enough due to bad health but I have been using this site since 2012.