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Thread: MMH HD/HD 5x7 Character Cut-Outs / Dolls

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    Cool MMH HD/HD 5x7 Character Cut-Outs / Dolls

    This is a MMH for Character Cut-outs or dolls ( One piece no pins or movable parts) Each Character must be drawn on a 5x7 sized card/heavy paper. The character may be smaller but, no bigger. Be sure to list several options for artist to pck from.

    Here are some examples from my Instagram:

    You need to have a 3+ I-Trader rating to participate.
    Card size 5x7
    All cards need to be mailed within two weeks of acceptance. Communication through pm is a must.
    Please be willing to mail your cards internationally.
    Please pm for addresses & don't put them in the MMH thread.
    Hand Drawn / Painted ONLY.

    Please keep Thread clean and easy to read. If possible post your finished card to a edited post so that others may enjoy & admire your art.

    I'll Start things off

    Who will MMH with a:

    Alien from outer space
    Evil Alice
    Evil Mad Hatter
    Half-female Half-Creature
    Ecto 1 ( the car from Ghost Busters)
    A creeepy,spooky, weird creature
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