This is Hand Drawn / Hand Painted MMH: Thread for creating and collecting all things video game themed!!

I love collecting video game themed cards, but some of the games I love are very obscure and hard to collect, so I thought this thread might be a fun way for us Video Game lovers to get some special cards to make us happy!

How it Works:
1. First player list a few (up to 5 let's say up to give variety) Video Game themes/characters that they would like to collect.
2. The next player chooses something from the list to make the first player happy with.
3. That player will also list a few themes he/she would like in the same post.
4. The process continues when another player picks up the request and lists their own MMH list...again and again!

  • You need to have a 3+ I-Trader rating to participate.
  • All cards need to be mailed within two weeks of acceptance, otherwise negative I-Trader will be left...
  • If for some reason you need more time to send out your card, communication through pm is a must.
  • Please be willing to mail your cards internationally.
  • Please pm for addresses & don't post them publicly in the MMH thread.
  • Hand Drawn / Painted ONLY please.

*Please keep Thread clean and easy to read. No chatting, it makes the request posts hard to follow.*
If possible - post your finished card by EDITING your post so that others may enjoy & admire your art.

I'll start by listing a few Video Game themes I enjoy collecting....

Who will MMH with:
- Any Final Fantasy VI character
- Any character from Alice: Madness Returns (other than Alice herself)
- Any enemy/demon/shadow from the Shin Megami Tensei / Persona universe
- Any Legend of Zelda enemy or side character, from any title!
- A Playstation or SNES controller! (my fave consoles)