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Thread: Marionettes open media due Sep 2nd 2020

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    Marionettes open media due Sep 2nd 2020

    Swap due date: Sep 2nd 2020
    Signup/Withdraw date: None - (See requirements below).
    Number of cards: 3, 6, or 9.
    Number of players: Unlimited.
    Medium: Open Media (HD/HP, collages, mixed media, stitched, etc.)
    (I will swap fairly/effort for effort.)

    Theme: Make atcs of Marionette dolls. do not leave a blank/white background, you must have at least a color behind them

    - This is a "No sign up" swap. When I receive your swap cards, then I will add you to the list of participants. (If your cards are late, they will be returned to you unopened. Please make sure they reach me before the swap due date.)
    - Cards are required to be the standard ATC size (2.5"x3.5"). No gems, googly eyes, embellishments that are plastic, raised, or bulky cards; please keep them as completely flat as possible or I will put return-to-sender on the envelope.
    - Please write your account name and the swap on the back of each card. (Do not send cards that you did NOT create yourself.)
    - A host card isn't required, but appreciated and will be treasured!

    When mailing:
    - Private message me for my address when you're ready to mail out your swaps.
    - Each card must be in a plastic sleeve.
    - Send a return address label printed clearly/legibly and not in cursive.
    - Do NOT send me any envelopes, I will provide them. If you do send me envelopes, I will know you didn't read the requirements and send your swap cards back to you.
    - Postage requirements.
    * USA participants: Please include 2 forever stamps for up to 6 cards, and 3 forever stamps for up to 9 cards for your returns.
    * INTERNATIONAL participants: Please include 1 USA GLOBAL stamp

    (rules borrowed from Onaki with permission)
    art is like a garden, hard work, but beautiful and delicious in the end!!

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    Oui..I love Paris.

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