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Thread: Planner Hoarder Unite- 9x5 envelope

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    Planner Hoarder Unite- 9x5 envelope

    PIF- Pass it Forward

    The New Year is almost here!!! WE have been waiting for you 2021

    Every 6 month i make my own planner with all the fun planner stuff out there. I have a huge bread box of planner items that is screaming- share me!!

    Are you a planner hoarder too?? Do you have so much stuff that you can share with almost every one on this site.


    Fill a 9x5ish envelope with pages, stickers, memos, Flags, adhesive notes, weekly pages, journal/ budget pages etc..(items are usually store bought but homemade items allowed).. from your planner supplies. a minimum of 1oz items or ten items- which ever is more.
    minimal to- no chatting- please send message to me or other people on the line if you have questions.

    For Example:
    I have a ton of planner stickers i am tired of and i have a ton of day reminder pads. Some pages just have 1 sticker missing. This will go in the planner envelope.

    What ever you use in your planner- this is the place to share.

    Please use the following saying; to not break the chain.

    I have a 9x5 (or larger) envelope full of planner stuff who wants it?
    once some one grabs my envelope- they must put up the same saying
    I have a 9x5 envelope full of planner stuff who wants it?

    Once you have the name of the person to send to send a message for there address.

    I will start!
    I have a 9x5 envelope full of planner stuff who wants it?
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