I have a request for an outside-of-this-site RAK, if appropriate.

I have been out of the loop myself for a few months while taking care of family, but this feels just too sad not to try to rally behind:

My friend's elderly mother (not an artist) never really found herself in her life, was always the people pleaser, always taking on the carer role for decades, supporting other peoples interests and goals, but now things are totally flipped upsidedown.
She lives alone after a long abusive relationship/divorce. She was hit by a city bus about a year ago and lost her leg. Then she slowly lost her strength and mobility after a chronic infection and now can no longer sit up. She was also just diagnosed with cancer that has stopped her from being able to eat, but they haven't figured out quite how bad it is yet.

If you are interested in sending something to help her feel a bit less alone in this time of darkness, please PM me for her info.

In case this helps, she has liked; cooking, topographical maps, MC Escher, and watching liberal news programs (CNN/MSNBC)

Thank you for your consideration.