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Thread: Anyone want to CJ with me?? Full

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    End of Jan sounds like a good idea to me. Not much help on the names though.

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    Lily Lemon Inactive
    Do you mean first mailing date at end of January or first partners assigned at end of January? If we're mailing at end of January, we'll probably need to know who we're sending to pretty soon!

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    Lise Bu Inactive
    yes end of jan is the first mailing date LL - I am going to sort this whole thing out this weekend - I am a little preoccupied this week as I have 2 appointments with the neuro surgeon and a CT scan.

    We still need a name for the group - once we have this I can open up a new thread x x

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    Lily Lemon Inactive
    Oh, good luck, my dear. We'll be thinking of you!

    No rush with sorting out the group -- as long as we have a solid month heads-up, it should be fine.

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