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03-07-2021, 04:33 AM
Swap due date: May 7th, 2021.
Signup/Withdraw date: Any time as long as they reach me by May 7th, 2021.
Number of cards: 3, 6, or 9.
Number of players: Unlimited.
Medium: HD/HP (Hand Drawn/Hand Painted) Only.

Create your hand drawn art using ballpoint pen ink only. (It can be solid colors or multiple colors.) This is free themed so you can draw anything you'd like- no matter what your artistic levels are, everyone is welcome to join.

- Please make sure they reach me before the swap due date.
- Cards are required to be the standard ATC size (2.5"x3.5"). No gems, googly eyes, embellishments that are plastic, raised, or bulky cards; please keep them as completely flat as possible.
- Please don't leave your ATC backgrounds plain white. Add something in the background even if it's a solid color.
- Please write your account name and the swap on the back of each card. (Do not send cards that you did NOT create yourself.)
- A host card isn't required, but if you do send one it'll be appreciated and treasured!

When mailing:
- Private message me for my address when you're ready to mail out your swaps.
- Each card must be in a plastic sleeve or a cut 9-card sleeve to hold them all. (I will return the 9-card sleeve with your returns.)
- Send a large return address label printed clearly/legibly and not in cursive. If you do not have sticky labels, then please write in LARGE PRINT your address on a blank label sized piece of paper.
- Do NOT send me any envelopes, I will provide them. If you do send me envelopes, I will know you didn't read the requirements and send your swap cards back to you.
- Postage requirements.
* USA participants: Please include 2 Forever Stamps, a Two Ounce Forever Stamp, or 1 Forever Stamp + additional ounce stamp for your returns. (The heavier your cards are, please include more postage or you risk it returning to you with postage due.)
* INTERNATIONAL participants: Please include 1 USA GLOBAL stamp (or 1 USD) (I also accept PayPal payments if you do not have either one.)

Participants list:
1: Onaki
2: Mrs.Alderman (Received 4:3)
3: Blueangel (Received 4:3)
4: Karch (Received 4:3)
5: Mushu (Received 4:3)
6: Kentuckydakota (Received 4:3)
7: plumhill2001 (Received 4:3)
8: SunkissedJellybaby (Received 4:3)
9: BekahStargazing (Received 3:3)
10: aginghippychic (Received 4:3)
11: PandaCookie (Received 3:3)
12: TrinaLD (Received 3:3)
13: Lorna (Received 4:3)
14: CraftyRaffe (Mother 4:3 / Daughter 4:3)

03-08-2021, 12:30 AM
Please sign me up!! I would love to play!!

03-08-2021, 03:26 AM
Added you to the swap! :)

03-08-2021, 05:57 PM
Lurking! :)

Can they be drawn on colored paper?

03-09-2021, 03:27 AM
Sure, they can be drawn on colored paper.

03-12-2021, 04:05 PM
Lurking until they are done...

03-14-2021, 11:09 AM
I would like to join, please.

03-14-2021, 04:50 PM
Sign me up please.

03-15-2021, 10:58 PM
Sign me up please.

03-16-2021, 03:00 PM
Welcome to the swap Blueangel, Karch, and Mushu! Happy to have you! :)

03-16-2021, 09:35 PM
These are always fun! Lurking with intention :)

03-21-2021, 01:05 AM
I saw from your directions that the background needs to be filled in. Can you show an example of how that would be done with ball point pen? I’m thinking of trying these but want to make sure I understand. Thanks.

03-21-2021, 03:09 AM
It can be anything in the background as long as it's not completely white. Example would be your display picture with the checkered background. :)

03-21-2021, 02:40 PM
Here are my first two cards. I'm new to the ballpoint pen medium. The pens I picked out got some little ink blobs. I am going to experiment with more pens that write smoothly.

03-22-2021, 12:58 AM
Those look great! I think I got the idea. Let me try a couple and I’ll be back if they work.

03-23-2021, 02:53 PM
Lurking for now...

03-23-2021, 09:16 PM
I'm probably in, but I need to make cards before I commit. I love, love, love working with ballpoint pen.

03-23-2021, 11:57 PM
Please add me to the swap. Thank you.

03-28-2021, 11:41 AM
Please sign me up! Finished my cards this morning and I'll try to get pics up.
I'll need your address, so I'll PM you. :)

03-28-2021, 01:17 PM

03-28-2021, 01:34 PM
I'd like to sign up please. I have 2 cards done so far.

03-28-2021, 05:54 PM
Here are my cards. :)


03-28-2021, 07:10 PM
Welcome to the swap kentuckydakota, plumhill2001, and SunkissedJellybaby.

03-29-2021, 03:27 PM
Plumhill2001, those are so great! Nice line work!

Here are my cards. Winging their way in the mail after today.


03-29-2021, 03:41 PM
Here is my set


They'll be going in the mail shortly

03-29-2021, 04:48 PM
Fantastic! Love all those emotions!

03-29-2021, 05:24 PM
Ooh this type of swap is my jam. I'm lurking for now but if I can fit in some ballpoint pen art time I'll be joining eventually!!

03-29-2021, 10:17 PM
KD, love yours, too! That little fairy in a teacup is darling! :)
And SunkissedJellybaby, fantastic faces!

03-31-2021, 04:03 PM
Okay I am definitely going to join now! Quick question: can we have two colors of ballpoint pen on the same card? Or are you looking for more a single color for each card?

04-06-2021, 10:17 AM
My cards are going out in today's mail.

04-06-2021, 10:56 PM
Mine haven't arrived yet? I think I mailed them on the 29th. :eek:

04-07-2021, 06:15 PM
Finished mine! Pleased with how they came out!

04-07-2021, 07:35 PM
Ooh! Those are super!
Love how bright red that mushroom turned out. And the cupcake looks delicious!

04-07-2021, 07:37 PM
Did anyone else have a four color ball point pen they used? We have lots of those laying around. The swap didn’t mention green so I didn’t use it, but it was sure handy having all those colors to work with.

04-08-2021, 10:59 AM
Finished mine! Pleased with how they came out!

These are fabulous! You're great at cross-hatching (and hatching!)! :) I love the dark area behind the mushroom. I just end up making everything dark. Don't know when to quit. :laugh:

04-08-2021, 11:41 AM
I definitely feel you there, plumhill2001! It was really hard to keep the lightness in the gradients of the water of the lily pads card, and behind the mushroom haha. I don't usually know when to stop. So this medium limitation was a great exercise in restraint for me!

And kentuckydakota, thank you so much!! <3

04-08-2021, 02:07 PM
Lurking only because I have to finish another's swap cards, but as soon as I am done I will sign up

04-09-2021, 06:41 AM
Welcome to the swap BekahStargazing!
You can use any color you want. I only named off the basic ballpoint pen colors, but any should work.

Plumhill2001 I quarantine all mail for up to a week before I open and rate- solely because of the plastic sleeves of the cards. I'm sure it's in the pile! :)

04-09-2021, 07:43 AM
You can use any color you want. I only named off the basic ballpoint pen colors, but any should work.

This makes me so happy! I have one of those pens kentuckydakota mentioned but mine has 6 colors. I'd love to see what I can come up with. Please sign me up.

04-09-2021, 07:56 AM
Welcome aginghippychic!

I altered the swap requirements to be more clear.

04-10-2021, 09:35 AM
Here are some cards I came up with after several failed attempts. This medium proved way more challenging than I anticipated! I hope these are okay.

04-10-2021, 10:07 AM
Here are some cards I came up with after several failed attempts. This medium proved way more challenging than I anticipated! I hope these are okay.

Those are great! My favorite would have to be the gnome! :)

04-10-2021, 01:25 PM
Here are some cards I came up with after several failed attempts. This medium proved way more challenging than I anticipated! I hope these are okay.

Love the tuxedo cat with the hearts, oh my gosh!! Lovely cards.

04-10-2021, 03:35 PM
Such a delicate touch with the shading! Those are amazing, and I love the whimsy of that little gnome!

John K
04-11-2021, 02:58 PM
Do we need to only use the simple ball point pens or can we use Pentels

04-11-2021, 11:53 PM
Please add me! I'd love to join!

04-12-2021, 12:48 AM
@John K Ballpoint for this swap. :)

Welcome to the swap PandaCookie!

04-12-2021, 03:38 PM
My cards went into the post box today!

04-21-2021, 11:46 AM
Please sign me up. My cards are nearly finished and will be in the mail by Monday.

04-21-2021, 06:04 PM
Welcome to the swap TrinaLD!

04-21-2021, 06:24 PM
Question about the postage to include. You say to send either 2 forever, 1 2 oz forever or 1 forever plus 1 extra ounce. Since these are strictly ballpoint, wouldn't a regular forever be enough? Just checking on this. Thanks. I'll have my cards out the door by Friday.

04-21-2021, 06:37 PM
Some people send in their cards on heavy cardboard backed cards. All my swaps I require 2 forever stamps, a 2 ounce forever stamp, or a forever stamp with an extra ounce stamp. You can send one forever stamp if you'd like but if it reaches you with postage due or gets returned to me for the same reason, then I'll have to ask for more postage. I try to avoid that by putting the requirements I ask for- for postage. :)

04-21-2021, 07:31 PM
Thanks, Onaki, I just wanted to check! Sending my cards on Friday!

04-22-2021, 05:23 AM
I am almost done so it is safe to sign up. I will post them to the thread later.

04-26-2021, 05:22 AM
Done! Will be sending out in the morning! Ballpoint pens are harder than they look! Definitely give props for those artists that make detailed ballpoint pen sketches!


04-27-2021, 11:02 AM
Onaki, it's been a month since I sent my cards. I know you quarantine them for a while, but if my envelope isn't in the pile by now I think I might just need to withdraw. It's only a little over a week before they're due to you.

04-27-2021, 12:06 PM
I just finished marking down all the swaps I’ve received for the Galaxy swap and rated them. Your cards are in the pile for this swap. Just now getting to them. They’re safe. No worries.

04-27-2021, 03:08 PM
Received cards from:
- Bekahstargazing
- Karch
- Plumhill2001
- SunkissedJellybaby
- Kentucky Dakota
- Blueangel
- aginghippychic

Leaving iTrader now for everyone I received cards from!

04-27-2021, 08:16 PM
Joining this one. Sent a PM :)

04-29-2021, 04:52 PM
I just don't get this mail situation. CA to NV and CA to AZ takes longer than CA to PA. I hope the cards arrive in time and that's why I mailed early.

04-29-2021, 05:26 PM
I sent a priority flat rate box to a friend only two states above me, and it took 14 days even though it's usually 2-3 days. The mail system is really something else lately.

05-02-2021, 01:46 AM
I was worried that the cards would take too long. They are in Onaki's home town now and should be delivered Monday. My inner fabric designer took over...I hope they are OK since here is what I sent:

http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/2_BP1.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/2_BP2.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/2_BP3.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/2_BP3.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/2_BP4.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/1_BP3jpg.jpg http://www.atcsforall.com/forum/gallery/images/35855/small/1_BP4jpg.jpg

05-02-2021, 11:13 AM
Lorna, I'm in Northern CA as well and mine are who knows where. This mail thing is really driving me nuts. I just hope mine arrive in time. I've set my mailing times far earlier than I used to because of this. By the way, those cards are really nice.

05-05-2021, 03:16 AM
Waiting on 6 sets of cards still. I'm hoping them reach me soon, I don't mind waiting a bit longer for them. I've had a package sitting in California for the past week and it still hasn't arrived here yet. Not sure what's going on with the mail system but they need to either hire more help or figure out what's going on.

05-05-2021, 12:13 PM
Danged mail. A set I mailed on the same date (4.22) finally landed in AZ. Other sets mailed on the same date made it across the country in only a few days. I surely hope my set arrives in time. I agree with you about the mail. I've moved up my mail by dates on my logs by more than a week so that I try to mail no later than 2 weeks before the trade date and still, ... Grrrr.

05-05-2021, 07:03 PM
The tracking shows the cards are in Onaki's mailbox. I hope so! Sorry TrinaLD it is taking so long :( ...

05-06-2021, 01:42 AM
Today's mail came in!
Received cards from:
Mushu, TrinaD, PandaCookie, Lorna, and CraftyRaffe.
Waiting on 1 more set of cards and then I'll swap out!
Was getting really worried about them... whew!

05-06-2021, 10:24 AM
I'm so glad that they finally arrived! Looks like several sets were in the same holding station.

05-06-2021, 08:15 PM
It seems so. Even the package that was stuck in California showed up yesterday too. I'm glad they're safe though!

05-11-2021, 01:27 AM
Received cards from Mrs.Alderman, all cards have been received now!
I'll be sorting out cards this evening and let everyone know when they're mailed out!
Thank you so much for joining! :)

05-11-2021, 08:35 AM
All of the swap returns have been popped into the outgoing mail slot for this morning's mail pickup! And will be flying out to everyone today! :jiggy:

05-14-2021, 06:14 PM
Hot Diggidy! :jiggy:

05-15-2021, 01:51 PM
Mine got here so quickly! Got cards from:

Thanks Onaki for hosting a great swap!

05-15-2021, 06:13 PM
Great ballpoint masterpieces arrived today! Thanks to Mushu (Zen garden), Crafty Raffe (Windy day) and Karch (porpoise)! Great job, everyone! Thanks for hosting Onaki! :) Off to give points.

05-16-2021, 01:35 PM
I received my returns yesterday. Thanks to all!

05-19-2021, 02:38 AM
I received my returns and will send out my loves right away. Than you to amazing artists Lorna, sun kissed jellybaby, and Blueangel
And of course, our super host Onaki. Fab swap! Let’s do it again some time!

05-20-2021, 08:36 AM
Thanks for a great swap! I've received my beautiful returns and have left feedback.

05-25-2021, 02:08 AM
Got my returns - all are lovely! Thank you to Karch, PandaCookie and TrinaLD. Huge thanks to Onaki for hosting the swap!