Around The World China/ATCs/Open Medium/Due date: April 15th


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Swap Due Date -April 15, 2024
Signup/withdraw date -None; just communicate
Number of Cards -3 for 3
Number of participants -Open
Medium: Any, minimal sticker usage

Around The World China

Let's take some trips around the world. There are so many cool places out there. Our next trip will be to China. For this swap you will be making three different ATCs. Each ATC must depict something that this particular country is well known for. No three ATCs of the same things, please. Make each ATC of a different thing. Some of these trips will be really easy & others you will need to think outside of the box on.


For the most part I swap media for media. If you do HD/HP you will more than likely receive the same back. Same for collage/mixed media. All ATCs need to be put in to sleeves to protect them from the elements. Sometimes there are only a few ATCs in certain medias; if that happens you will receive random media ATCs in return.

To send your swaps please write the name of the swap on the outside of the envelope. Send a self addressed envelope with at least as much postage as it took to send your swaps to me. This is how you will receive your returns. International players will need to send a forever stamp to get their swaps back or two one dollar bills. I also have Pay Pal address, as well. International swappers please also send a large label with your name & address on it. I will provide the envelopes for international swappers. All other swappers need to provide their own envelopes. I am really recommending that everyone send their swaps in a business size envelope. They are approximately 9 1/2 x 4 1/4. These seem to go through the mail better than the smaller sized envelopes. The mail in WA state tends to run slow since it has to go to so many places so please don't wait until the last minute to send your swaps. Late swaps will be returned to the sender with possible neutral feedback. If you do send heavy or thick ATCs please be courteous & send extra postage to help make sure they get to the partners they need to go to. Mail is going up so please make sure you are putting proper postage on your swaps, regardless. Please do not go over-board on taping your envelope or using washi. They are the two worst things to have to deal with regarding my arthritis. Thank you, I appreciate it. You can hardly ever go wrong with painter's tape.:adoration:

It is always fun to see what people are coming up with so please feel free to post your ATCs to the thread. Once I have received your ATCs (on time) I will leave feedback for you.
Once you have received your returns please let me know if I have done a good job or not by leaving feedback, as well, A host ATC is always appreciated but not expected. If you have any questions at all about the swap please feel free to contact me or ask in the thread.

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