BLOOMS AND BIRDS due April 5, 2024

Returns are on their way as of 6AM today! Hopefully they will travel quickly and safely. I want to thank everyone who participated in this swap! The cards were just beautiful, and I loved seeing them all together as a group. I thanks everyone for the hostess cards, and I will be attempting to leave rep points for everyone soon. I haven’t quite mastered that just yet, but I have to admit, I haven’t really tried to hard either. It would be great if you could post here when your cards arrive, it’s been taking longer than usual these days for deliveries, and I do like to know that everyone has gotten their cards. Thanks again everyone! It’s been a really fun swap!
True to form, my returns arrived quickly!
They are beautiful ~ thanks to LindyLu, Rovingjay and sarat!
Much appreciation, Suzi, for hosting such a lovely spring-inspired swap!🐦🌷
My fantastic flock of birds flew in today! Thank you MBM, RaineyDay, and Roving Jay for your beautiful art and Suzi for hosting!
My cards arrived Thursday while I was out of town. Lovely returns fromleydab, RaineyDau, and Donnacr! Thanks for a super swap, Suzi!
My lovely returns have arrived. Thank you to Robin, mrubyjean and SpottedCrow.
Thank you, Suzi, for hosting a great swap. :)
My awesome returns have arrived, thank you Mybrokenart, Tillygo and Vidas for wonderful cards and a big thank you to Suzi for hosting this fun swap!
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