Hand Drawn/Hand Painted SNOW LEOPARDS~Due April 8, 2024

Thanks for the heads up SMikell will let you know when they arrive.
ArtSean your beautiful cards have arrived safe and sound!
Unfortunately I'm going to have to withdraw. I don't think I'll be able to finish mine and get them in before the deadline.

By the way, I assume that the deadline is the time that the cards need to be in? Or do I just need to have mailed them by the deadline?
I will withdraw you ObsidianLantern sorry to see you go, maybe you could do the next swap in line the gorillas and orangutans?
Smikell your awesome snow leopards have arrived. Thank you for playing.
I received my snow leopards yesterday. What a wonderful selection. Thank you BlancoLobo for hosting this swap and encouraging me to join.
And thanks to these creative artists:
SMikell - Crouching Snow Leopard
Seascape131 - Snow Leopard 1
Tillygo - Snow Leopard 1

I gave everybody +1 Rep point; I didn't want to play favorites or to take part in point inflation. I guess the number of points really doesn't matter.
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