Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Women's Faces - Due April 4, 2024

Wow, so much style variety in your cards! I think the first one is my (slight) favorite.
locatray, I finished my cards yesterday & spray sealed them letting them sit overnight to dry. Today while prepping my cards for mail I saw that something went wrong with my spray sealer and all my faces have freckles that I can't fix. I don't have time or heart to make 4 more cards, so I'll have to withdraw.
I'm totally bummed.:sad:
Swap Due Date - April 4, 2024
Signup/withdraw date - none, just communicate
Number of Cards - 3:3
Number of participants - unlimited
Medium: Hand Drawn / Hand Painted

Ooooo La La! She's so pretty!
Let's celebrate the beauty of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH!

You are free to create an image of any woman: famous, infamous, yourself, fictional, cartoon, etc.
In other words, if you want to draw a portrait of an impactful female figure, that works. If you want to paint your neighbor or Aunt Betty, sure thing. If you want to mirror yourself, go for it. If you want to doodle a pretend woman, that sounds great. So long your card features a female face, we are here for it. Depictions of trans people or any people that identify as female are welcome. Non-white paper backgrounds are welcome. All drawing and painting abilities are welcome.

The nitty gritty:
Provide 3 ATC sized cards on sturdy paper: 2.5 x 3.5 " and in protected sleeves.
Sign your art on the back - Swap name, username, date created, and geographic location.
US Players: You may send a SASE, or an address label and loose stamp. Either is a-ok.
I will cover all international postage to encourage women from "around the world" to participate!
FLAT CARDS only. NO stickers, NO embellishments.
Leave iTrader for me, your hostess, and Rep Points for the artists you receive art from. I am here to help on the new site navigation, if needed.
Late cards will be returned. I never leave negative feedback, but please respect me too, and just communicate if you need to withdraw.
A hostess card is not required, but I will hug each one that arrives, just sayin'!

Who wants to play?
Bold = Recvd

1) Rovingjay
2) lazyshadows
3) Pochadiva
4) LuK
5) Tillygo
6) CiCiCreates
7) nanner
8) Pamitha
9) ElisabethAnne
10) Ancient Planter
11) AnnaLH
12) Robin
13) Butterbean
14) Mybrokenart
15) Seascape131
16) 14CarrotGold
17) ceejay
18) leydab
19) Essy
20) LuAnnP
21) ArtSean329
22) manonroberts
23) LindyLu
24) vidas
25) KB Works of Heart
26) Makitso
27) Jill
28) Lexie
29) Evalila
30) ruthe
31) orinori
32) les342
33) icequeen07
34) Kacy Butcher
35) miss
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