HOW TO: Host An ATC Swap

Hi, I think I might have posted this question in the wrong spot. If so I apologize. I just wrote and and tried posting my first swap! It said that a moderator was looking at it.(I think) I didn't know who, or where to find the moderators so I don't know if my swap ever got to anyone or just vanished when I tried to post it as a new thread to open swaps. Could you let me know if someone has it and if so about when will I hear something or if I need to retype it all and send it to someone's email address and how I get that.
Thanks so much for any help,
When you post your swap (all hosts, not just new ones), it does go into moderation. However, if a moderator is not available to approve it, it has to wait until one of us is on. This could even take as long as a day. There are only a few of us ;)

I see from the other thread you said you'd send your required personal address info to Carole, she must not have been able to stay online to take care of it. I'm online now, go ahead and PM your info to me and I can get your swap approved.
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