The New Year New Member Swap - Due March 7, 2024


The first cards are on their way to me now. As I am meeting most of you for the first time, I want to advise you all not to worry too much if you feel that your cards are taking longer to get to me than you expect. I live in a very small (maybe 500 folks?) and rural community. The USPS doesn’t even offer mail service to my house, so I have to “go to town” to get the mail. I don’t always do that on a daily basis. I will update the thread with each mail call that brings swap cards. In the mean time, do not be overly concerned.

That said, always mail as early as you are able. The mails are slow. My outgoing mail has been taking nearly two weeks to arrive at US destinations.
Cool. Hmmm, I think I can be a new member working in a different medium. Yep, I think that might work. Please sign me up!

@TrinaLD that definitely works. Welcome to the swap!
(I have been considering creating some ATCs with a new medium or technique as well.)
My cards are on there way to USA.
Thank you for the update @Ellf.
And thank you for sharing your art in the thread. Your choice of materials and style really make your ATCs pop.
Thank you for posting your art in the thread @Jill.
I’m excited to see those ATCs up close.
My fist swap ready to be sent! So excited.
Looking good @Laurab74, I love your colors and layers. Thank you for sharing.
Is that real Dymo tape, or does it just look like it? I love that stuff. But I always have trouble with it separating/buckling somewhere down the line. What’s your secret?
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